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What park owners need to know about online marketing

By Braden Walker UNITED STATES — Everyone knows that the web is vital to business these days in just about every industry. Having a strong web presence can make or break quite a few businesses. In the RV Park and Campground industry, the importance of a strong web presence has dramatically increased over the last few years. With advancements in technology, specifically mobile devices, more and more RVers are relying on the web while on the road to find out important information about a park before booking their reservations or even contacting the park. It is crucial to know where to spend your advertising dollars so that you show up in front of your ideal customer. Here is a list of things you need to know before spending advertising dollars on online marketing: 1. Website Analytics: If you are going to advertise on a website, it’s good to know what that site’s analytics are. While some may say, “We get 100,000 hits in a certain time frame”, that may not mean what you think it means. There are much more important analytics than the term “hits”, which could be misconstrued. Instead, ask for the following stats: 1. Time on the site 2. Bounce rate — This indicates when someone goes to a certain page on the site and then leaves without going any further into the site. 3. New vs. Returning Visitors 4. Number of Unique Visitors These and other stats will give you a better idea of how that website performs. Every site that you choose to advertise on should provide unbiased analytics, like Google Analytics. If they can’t provide you with that information (preferably with a full screenshot of the actual analytics) for the last 6-12 months, I would be very cautious about spending my advertising dollars with them. 2. Pay-Per-Click Campaigns: I have seen quite a few people become incredibly frustrated with Google AdWords, now Google Ads, because they spent a ton of money and didn’t get a good return. Knowing the right terms to be used to achieve high placement in search results is what creates a good return on investment; however, there are some other factors that influence results. You’ll want to consider: 1. Search Impression share — how many people saw your ad out of the group of people that were eligible to see it. 2. Click-thru Rate — the percentage of people that …

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