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Podcast 201 addresses campground guides with AGS

(Sept, 29, 2018) -- Brian Schaeffer describes why it is so important for campgrounds to convey a professional image and how the companies can utilize relationships with other local firms to provide guests with the information they want when they arrive in the area. He will explain why the idea that print is dead doesn’t apply to campgrounds once people arrive in the local area looking for things to do and places to eat. Read More »

AGS launches

(Nov. 6, 2017) -- AGS has taken the listings of businesses featured in more than 1,000 of its campground and RV park guest guides and compiled them into a searchable database that is now available at Read More »

AGS partners with Anderson’s Brochure Distribution Service

(Oct. 31, 2017) -- Effective immediately, park operators can now use their AGS loyalty dollars to distribute their guest guides and rack cards at RV, camping and travel industry tradeshows across the country. The new program is made possible through a marketing partnership between AGS and Anderson’s Brochure Distribution Service. Read More »

Extended Stay Versus Monthly – What’s the Difference? (Part 2)

By Brian Schaeffer, executive director, TACO In part one of this discussion we left off with the questions: How do you set yourself up for a victory with local (field) law enforcement and avoid the courts? Moreover, how do you not get caught up in national housing issues (remember that HUD reference), which will cost you nothing but time, money and heartache. Let’s jump right into it with the old adage; “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck!” Translated, if you are running a campground that looks like a mobile home park and functions like one, expect to be treated like a mobile home park. Especially when it comes to your field law enforcement and the courts. What are some specifics to remove you from the duck (mobile home / trailer park) category and get you to looking more like a swan (transient / tourism venue)? If you have no agreement governing your extended stays, that’s a problem. If you are using a standard ‘rental agreement,’ that also puts a landlord/tenant bullseye on your back. You should adopt some form of site services agreement and embrace the mentality that you are providing monthly service hook-ups (water, sewer, electric) and not ‘renting a site.’ Furthermore, if you have some form of a mini-post office set up in your front office and you receive daily mail for your guests (NOT tenants), that is problematic.  If the primary address you have on file for your guests is your park – that’s a big NO-NO! Please tell me your guests don’t have your address on their driver’s license – yikes! That’s an eviction nightmare waiting to happen. Even if you aren’t doing the things I just described and you are trying to run a good transient operation, there are some pitfalls out there. Remember our conversation about the latest HUD law where it is now a federal violation to discriminate against someone by not allowing extended guests in your park if they have criminal backgrounds? Under the recent Obama administration they decided that there are an unfair number of folks being incarcerated and therefore an unfair number of folks being discriminated against who have criminal backgrounds. So, now if you use any form of an application format, you cannot simply decline a guest (not tenant) because they have a criminal record. You now have to consider ... Read More »

Why P-R-I-C-E is a four-letter word for campgrounds

(April 13, 2017) -- Most park operators don’t raise their rates without “anonymously” calling every campground within 50 miles and getting their rates. Then the goal is to be $2 below the highest one – God forbid you should be the rising tide that lifts all boats with the highest prices in the area, even if you are the highest rated! Read More »

Campground podcast features Peter Kearns

(Sept. 9, 2016) -- Peter Kearns, from Mission Management, is the guest on this week's Campground Industry podcast to talk about the state of online reservations in the campground industry, AGS announced today. Read More »

Campground podcast: Schaeffer talks conventions

(April 4, 2016) -- Schaeffer describes the networking opportunities with fellow campground operators, the types of seminars to be expected and the value of attending a trade show. He also offers his take on the best and worst seminars he’s seen. Read More »