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Shurhold tool makes snapping canvas easy

(Oct. 21, 2013) -- The Top-Snapper's two stainless steel blades slip over the snap shoulder to snap and align the snap halves. The longer blade is ideal for fastening snaps from inside, while the shorter blade is ideal for outside snaps. Both blades work equally well to unsnap the snaps without tearing or ripping the canvas, the release noted. Read More »

B&B Molders announces new EZ Swivel Kit for flat screen TVs

(Oct. 14, 2013) -- B & B Molders has introduced the EZ Swivel Kit for flat screen TV installations that require 180 degree rotation. When combined with a single lightweight panel, the EZ Swivel Kit replaces the need to build a heavy interior box and eliminates lazy susan swivels, stop cleats, and locking pins. Read More »

EasyTurf’s RVLawn keeps campers clean and comfy

(Sept. 24, 2013) -- "Outdoor living with an RV used to mean dry, dusty roads at campers' favorite parks, KOA’s and beachside parking lots," said Hartman. "We have given RV enthusiasts an opportunity for a lush, green lawn wherever and whenever they travel." Read More »

Impeltronics offers extendable flashlight

(Sept. 16, 2013) -- Impeltronics' new three LED Extendable Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight can be stretched to almost 2 feet, just like a telescope. This capability allows the light to be placed in areas hard to reach, the company announced today. The flashlight also has two magnets, one at each end. Read More »

FiAir flames campfires to a roar

(Aug. 20, 2013) -- FiAir (fire + air) is a compact, hand-held, battery-powered blower which enables users to get their wood fires to full blaze in two minutes and charcoal users to reach cooking temperatures in half the time. Read More »

AmeriCam’s dual backup camera makes backing up a breeze

(July 29, 2013) -- Anyone who has ever tried to hitch a tow vehicle to a travel trailer or tried backing a trailer into a narrow camping space using only rear-view mirrors knows that it can be a frustrating endeavor. To combat this problem, AmeriCam has designed a dual camera system that makes reversing a travel trailer simple. Read More »

Conntek’s Ergo Grip cords ease hand discomfort

(July 19, 2013) -- Difficult-to-remove cords can make RV life frustrating, particularly for those who suffer from arthritis or other hand weakness. Ergo Grip adapter and extension cords from Conntek give users greater leverage, making cord handling a breeze. Read More »

My Camp Kitchen goes Mini

(July 15, 2013) -- Gizmag writes that the My Camp Kitchen Mini takes the function and form factor of the larger My Camp Kitchen models and packs a kitchen's-worth of cooking and serving accessories it into a smaller, cheaper package. Read More »

Flashwear T-shirts come to life in the sun

(June 19, 2013) -- These fun clothes react to the suns rays and the design changes. There are various designs, but one of the most popular designs features a VW camper van that explodes with color when the sun comes out. Depending on the intensity of the sun, the color changes in a matter of seconds.

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