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XP Camper now accepting production orders

XP Camper now accepting production orders

Starting at $23,465 the base level shell includes the camper body, dual pane windows, doors and the remote controlled hydraulic lifting mechanism.SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – After two years of refinement, two hand-built prototype units and more than 25,000 miles of testing, XP Camper announced today it is now accepting orders.

“I created the XPCamper because I was disappointed with the materials and construction I found in other campers,” said Marc Wassmann, the company’s founder. “I spent several years researching materials and construction methods, built a prototype by hand and then personally tested it for a year through more than 25,000 miles of on and off-highway travel.

“Then I tore it apart, figured out what worked and what didn’t, and built a second prototype. Now I’m confident that the XPCamper and every system in it is the best possible quality. It’s the camper I want, and I build each one as if it was for me,” he added.

The XPCamper is a lightweight, expedition quality camper that sets new standards in several areas. It’s the first pop-up camper in North America to offer:

  • All diesel appliances, which are typically found in yachts around the world. “Modern diesel appliances are incredibly efficient, safe and environmentally responsible,” said Wassmann.
  • Remote controlled hydraulic popup system that lets users set up camp with a simple push of a button
  • A monocoque fiberglass body created partially with a soy based resin which makes it solid, strong and well insulated
  • An optional fuel cell power system

“The fuel cell is phenomenal,” said Wassmann. “It is very safe, with no noise and no emissions other than water. With the fuel cell you can be fully self contained for incredibly long periods of time yet have all the electrical comforts of home.”

Starting at $23,465 the base level shell includes the camper body, dual pane windows, doors and the remote-controlled hydraulic lifting mechanism. To further serve the do-it-yourself adventurer, XPCamper is also making each component available separately, and is a factory authorized Webasto diesel appliance installation and service provider.

A fully loaded and installed turn-key model can cost as much as $75,000, which includes a queen size bed, full kitchen and bathroom facilities, multiple built in storage solutions, high efficiency lighting, a TotalVision exterior camera system and a dinette as well as solar panels, a fuel cell APS and the required modifications to the platform truck.

The XPCamper is designed to mount easily and securely to a flatbed truck with a minimum payload rating of 2,000 pounds, which customers will need to provide. The flatbed itself and any required modifications to the truck are included in the cost of the turn-key unit.

About XPCamper

Created by uncompromising off-road enthusiasts for off-the-beaten path adventurers, the XPCamper is the result of over seven years of continuous testing and refinement.

For more information or to discover how you can commission your own custom built expedition quality camper, visit, call Wassmann at 415.672.1504 or e-mail him at

SOURCE: XP Camper press release

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  1. Looks good from the outsided but interior has a lot to be desired. Exterior has a very streamline appearance. Interior just seems ok, outdated. Needs a definate upgrade in wood, fabrics ect. Maybe something more contemporary. I am unsure of the chassis component? Is it attached and integrated with the truck? If so, it seems as though one should be able to just buy the truck camper. I don’t understand the need to sell both. You clearly would lose the floor space but price point with a chassis seems overwhelming in price. More could be sold with just the truck camper. I have been selling RV’s for almost 9 years, from the west to the east and always look at how I could sell it.

  2. Congratulations Mr. Wassmann, a fantastic camper all around. Inside is light, roomy and well thought out. Exterior is smooth and futuristic, an off-roader’s dream. As stated, I’m positive all materials and appliances used are top of the line. I will certainly wish you the best.