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TecNiq debuts waterproof LED step accent light

GALESBURG, Mich. — When working in reduced light, it’s important to see what’s underfoot, especially while underway, TecNiq, a supplier LED lighting for extreme environments, noted today. The company just released its E02 Step Accent Light.

Completely waterproof with a 90-degree projection, it’s designed for illuminating deck areas, passageways, steps and stairs, and as an accent or task light. It is guaranteed for life.

The high-performance E02 Step Accent Light is made to last. It boasts a rugged design using UV- and impact-resistant polycarbonate. With TecNiq’s TecSeal urethane potting, it’s guaranteed waterproof to IP68 standards.

Available in white, blue, red, and green LED colors, it comes with a durable black cover. The lamp offers 100,000 hours of service life.

The compact 1.77-inch by 0.95-inch E02 Step Accent Light is easy to install. Surface mounted, it requires a 3/4-inch hole and two No. 8 screws. Pigtail wire leads provide fast connection.

TecNiq’s E02 Step Accent Light is ideal for recreational, fishing and commercial boats, RVs, work trucks, heavy machinery and emergency response vehicles. It has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $7.

For more information, call 269.629.4440, email sales@tecniqinc.com or visit www.tecniqinc.com.

SOURCE: TecNiq press release

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