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Surhold Pro Polish to protect an RV’s finish

Surhold Pro Polish to protect an RV’s finish

PALM CITY, Florida — Shurhold Industries, a leader in RV care and maintenance products, offers simple tips for creating a perfect, long-lasting shine—without the sore muscles and long hours the task is known for.

As an RV is exposed to sunlight and UV rays, oxidation occurs, leaving the surface porous. Dirt and road grime get trapped in the clear coat, creating a faded, chalky appearance. Traditional wax works for a while, but is only a thin shell layer that’s quickly weathered away. A polymer alternative, such as Shuhold’s Pro Polish, makes a chemical bond with the finish, filling in the pores to leave a harder, longer-lasting shine.

The key to saving time and labor during this process is to use a quality polisher. Dual action models have oscillating heads that eliminate swirl marks and potential burning. Multiple ergonomic handles allow users to move the tool to avoid repetitive motion and to get into tight areas.

It’s a good idea to wear eye protection; sunglasses are perfect. Remove belts that may scratch and jewelry that could get caught in the polisher.

Start by adding three dollops of the polymer wax to the outer edge of the polisher pad. It’s highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Place the pad on the RV’s surface. Only then turn the machine on. This will avoid slinging the product and making a mess.

Work on a slower speed in 2-foot sections. Use an overlapping grid pattern: up-and-down, then left-and-right. Continue until a haze develops, leaving the machine touching the surface when it’s turned off.

Take a clean microfiber towel or polisher bonnet, and buff the surface using the same pattern as before. When smudges and leftover wax are gone, a mirror-like finish will remain, proof of a job well done.

Multiple coats aren’t necessary. Somewhat like sunscreen, a single coat of polymer is sufficient. In the southern states, most owners wax their RVs 3–4 times a year. In the north where winter storage is common, it’s usually twice a year.

Shurhold’s Dual Action Polisher has a price of $279; a 16-ounce bottle of Pro Polish is $22.98.

Source: Shurhold press release


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