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SmartPlug Systems launches service program

SEATTLE, Wash. — SmartPlug Systems has launched a Service Program. Now, its 16-, 30-, 32- and 50-amp SmartPlug inlets and connectors can be serviced or upgraded up to the most current technology.

All parts kits are compatible with all previous generation products. Offered for each of the four amperages, the kits include a Female Connector Service Kit, Gasket Service Kit and a Male Inlet Connector Service Kit.

Maintaining shore power equipment is good practice. With the introduction of the Service Program, customers can service and maintain the high level of quality they received the day they purchased their SmartPlug.

“Offering Service Kits is an easy and inexpensive way for a boat or RV owner to bring new life to their shore power equipment,” said Tony Barber, SmartPlug Systems CEO.

The revolutionary SmartPlug replaces an outdated, 80-year old invention: the traditional twist-type shore power connector. With double sidelocking clips and an asymmetrical shape, it’s easier to use. The unique design allows the assembled plug and inlet to absorb the force of an impact; there is no load or stress on the electrical connection. With more than 20 times the metal-to-metal contact, it provides greater protection against resistance and overheating—the leading causes of power failure and fires.

Learn more at www.smartplug.com.

SOURCE: SmartPlug press release

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