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SmartPlug RV Cordset delivers flexibility

SmartPlug RV Cordset delivers flexibility

SEATTLE, Wash. — Most RV power cords stiffen as the temperature drops, making them difficult to lay out and retrieve. SmartPlug Systems’ new SUPERFLEX50 50A 125/250V cordset is different. Even in freezing conditions down to -58 degrees Fahrenheit, it remains incredibly flexible and easy to coil.

Delivering outstanding suppleness, the SUPERFLEX50’s outer cable jacket is made from 100 percent Seoprene Thermoplasic Elastomer. Combined with its stranded bare copper conductors and No. 6 wire, it provides maximum power transfer and the flexibility needed for easy handling.

The new cordset can be used for 125-volt or 250-volt connections, and features a four-wire park power plug and the innovative SmartPlug connector with dual LED power indicator lights. It is backed by a seven-year, no-hassle warranty.

The SUPERFLEX50 is part of the complete SmartPlug system. It’s a safer alternative to traditional twist-style power connections.

The SmartPlug is easier to use than old-style cords. The connector is asymmetrical and pushes straight in. There’s no more fumbling in the dark searching for the exact alignment of an L-shaped pin and trying to get the threads of the twist ring just right. Two locking clips and the inlet cover remove all tension from the pins and hold the plug securely in place. Triple waterproof seals protect the internal elements from dirt and ensure a dry connection.

The inlet installs easily with common household tools and matches RV industry standard hole patterns. It’s available in white, grey or black flame-resistant composite, or marine grade 316 stainless steel.

Source: SmartPlug Systems press release

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