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Slide-out Boot ensures leak-free RVing

Slide-out Boot ensures leak-free RVing

The Slide-Out Boot forms a tight barrier to keep water out of RVs.NACOGDOCHES, Texas — Texas Innovators today introduced the Slide-out Boot, a virtually maintenance-free cure for leaky RV slideouts.

“Slideouts offer RVers an added measure of comfort and leisure, just the types of things they want in a home away from home,” said Eddie Martinez, CEO of Texas Innovators.

“The problem is that slideouts are prone to leakage. To combat the problem, manufacturers install seals, drip rails, or water troughs to divert and capture rainwater,” he added. “These water-catching devices are usually mounted on the inside of the RV, which makes overflow into the living space a constant reality for many campers.”

Martinez said leaking can cause mold and water damage to occur inside the RV as well as in the unit’s sidewalls.

Once installed at a dealership, the Slide-out Boot makes it impossible for water to enter the coach. It attaches to the railing against the wall, goes under the molding and is stapled to the front of the box. When the slideout is extended, the boot forms a water-tight seal around the room. When the slideout is retracted, the material simply folds out of the way.

The urethane-coated, water-repellent storm shield comes in 12 colors and custom coloring and camouflage is also available. The company offers a special window screening that is also water resistant.

The Slide-out Boot comes with a two-year limited warranty.

For more information, call 936.622.3788 or visit

To view an installation video, click here.

SOURCE: Texas Innovators press release

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  1. what is the cost of the slide-out boot

  2. How about making it right the first time. An industry created to fix the industries flaws……. am I missing something here?

  3. I saw that on a Wildcat fifth wheel in Minneapolis. Very interesting. The salesman there said that it was to replace slide toppers, those little awnings that get damaged by wind and branches. It threw me off at first because it looked like a soft wall, but there’s still a hard wall under that wrap. The idea is great. I liked the color too.

  4. Imagine a factory built RV That does not leak. HA HA HA.
    Put sealer under the moldings would be a good start for many.
    Slide boot will not ensure leak free cant happen.
    It not just the slide out awning and toppers that leak.
    Moldings, Windows, Roofing cut to short. The list goes on

  5. Is this afternarket only? I think I’ve seen those red slides on new Wildcat Sterling fifth wheels in Michigan. Can I get this on my old Wildcat?

  6. My 2001 Komfort 20 foot slide out leaked from the bottom up.
    As the water ran down the side it traveled (ran) along the underside of the slide. The so-called water proofed boot caused the water to wick up the wall and floor. The dining area of the slide turned to a black smelly mush. The paper like wood under framing dissolved into a stew. The inside wall up to the ceiling of the slide held the water like a sponge. In other words my Komfort is not Comfort anymore. Before all this happened I took the rig to a the dealer to show him the water trail running “upside down” under slide. He attached a piece of tin to the side to deflect the water. Then told me that is all he could do because that is what Komfort suggested to correct their manufacturing flaw. That solution momentarily worked so I parked the rig for a couple years. In the meantime tthe dealers quick fix did not help and all the above damage occurred. Now I have a slide out with “no floor” and half of the inside paneling gone. Has anyone had a the same, or similar, problem? I would be curious if I was the only Komfort owner in the world to have that happen.

    • Yes I got the same problem but mine is in the early stages I’m going to put a piece of metal flashing to deflect the water

  7. How much labor time is needed to install this new product?

  8. I have read that this system only takes 1 hour to install. Doe’s anyone else have more information on this company everthing that i find about them including there telephone number seems to come up a dead end?

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