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Roadmaster introduces wireless brake monitor, switch

Roadmaster introduces wireless brake monitor, switch

VANCOUVER, Wash. — One of the biggest concerns every motorhome owner has while towing is that the dinghy vehicle’s brakes either aren’t being applied, or are applied continuously, causing drag and excessive brake/tire wear.

Most dinghy braking systems on the market come with a brake monitor of some kind, but these only tell you if the system is functioning, not if the vehicle’s brakes are actually being applied/released.

For years, Roadmaster has offered universal brake monitoring systems that effectively solve this problem, but depending on the vehicle make/model, an application-specific brake light switch (purchased separately) was also required.

After several months of development and testing, Roadmaster is proud to announce its new Universal Wireless Brake Monitor and Switch System (part number 759530B), which incorporates a brake signal transmitter, receiver and an infrared stop light switch. The transmitter is installed simply in the dinghy vehicle with only positive, negative and brake signal leads, while the receiver plugs into the motorhome’s 12-volt DC (cigarette lighter) socket. The infrared brake switch, meanwhile, attaches to the brake pedal arm with 3M tape and nylon ties (supplied) and is powered by a single, dedicated 12-volt DC power source. The infrared brake switch measures the distance between the floorboard and brake pedal with a cone of light, and when the brake pedal moves, it sends a signal to the receiver in the motorhome. The system also includes low battery, extended braking (drag) and break-away alerts.

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