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Optronics offers wide-angle LED work lamps

TULSA, Okla. — Optronics International today expanded its Opti-Brite LED work lamp line today, with the introduction of five new Opti-Brite wide-angle LED work lamps.

Unlike conventional LED work lights, each of the new lamps features a slim profile and a noticeably convex lens that produces a 40 percent wider area of illumination.

Work lamps are used in, on and around a wide assortment of vehicles and within a vast array of challenging environments. The new Opti-Brite Wide-Angle LED Work Lamps provide users with an enhanced light beam that augments lateral visibility by almost half.

The lamps also carry an IP69K rating, the highest designation available for water, steam and particulate ingress testing, meaning increased reliability and service life when subjected to severe environmental conditions or cleaning methods, the release explained.

“Using two of our new Opti-Brite wide-angle LED work lamps enables users to shine light on an area almost the equivalent of three standard LED work lamps,” said Brett Johnson, president and CEO of Optronics International.

“All five lamps carry a lifetime warranty and all have an IP69K rating, making them suitable for the hot, wet and dusty environments often encountered in heavy-duty, work truck, off-road, fire and rescue, snow and ice management and refuse applications,” he explained.

The selection of five models offers a wide range of effective lumen outputs capable of meeting the needs of a broad variety of situations.

All five wide-angle LED work lights feature ultra-smooth polycarbonate lens surfaces that resist dust adhesion, and each lamp is constructed with a durable, die-cast aluminum housing and comes with a tough, stainless steel mounting bracket. The lamps are designed to accommodate both 12- and 24-volt electrical systems.

Like all other work lamps in the Opti-Brite line, the new wide-angle LED work lights are covered by the company’s no-hassle, one-diode lifetime warranty, which replaces the entire lamp if even one diode fails.

Opti-Brite wide-angle LED work lamps also feature reverse polarity protection and are EMC R10 approved.

“The Opti-Brite LED work lamp brand stands for quality and durability,” said Marcus Hester, vice president of sales and marketing for Optronics International. “With their 40 percent broader beam pattern, our new Opti-Brite wide-angle LED work lamps are a great addition to an already extensive line of LED work lamps.”

The lamp’s part numbers include: TLL55FB, TLL70FB, TLL71FB, TLL72FB and TLL73FB. The new lamps are expected to be available on or about June 1.

For more information on international sales and distribution of Optronics products, contact Dorian Drake at 914. 697.9800, or visit

To view a catalog of all Opti-Brite LED work lamps, click here.

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