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MVP launches new Impact toy hauler line

MVP launches new Impact toy hauler line

The 2011 Impact toy hauler from MVP RV.RIVERSIDE, Calif. — MVP RV announced this week that it will be introducing a brand new line of toy haulers.

“Impact was developed with a clear direction and vision”, said Scott Richgruber, Impact national sales and product manager. “Affordability. Living here in southern California, we know from personal experience how hard this region has been hit by the economy. Therefore, we wanted to create a toy hauler that the average working family could afford, without giving up the features these experienced customers demand. Southern California is the RV industry’s toy hauler capital and it is a very competitive market here.

“You can’t just take a regular trailer and add a ramp to the back,” he added. “There are many specific features and construction requirements needed to build a first class toy hauler. Plus, shipping costs from areas outside the southwest make it prohibitive to be truly price — competitive in this segment.”

The all new 2011 Impact comes standard with a 40- gallon fueling station, 100-gallon fresh water capacity, awning, black tank flush, LED clearance lights, decked floor with R-8 insulation, exterior speakers, pressure washer, stab jacks on all four corners, deluxe galley faucet with pull out sprayer, 13,500-Btu air conditioner, raised panel cabinet doors and full length drawer guides.

Mike Thompson’s RV Superstores was the first dealer to sign up with Impact. “We could not be happier with this product”, said Frank De Gelas, MTRV president/secretary. “This is a segment of the market we have been missing, and MVP RV seems to have hit the mark with this new line.”

MVP RV, Inc. builds travel trailers under the brand names Coast and Summit, fifth wheels under the brand names Jazz and Destiny, Class C motorhomes under the brand name Tahoe, and toy haulers under the brand names Impact, Vortex and Envy.

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  1. Chinese built toyhaulers, what will they think of next? How bout taking some of the Chinese “investment money” and paying back some of the warranty claims to the dealers that got burned the last time MVP went out of business…

  2. American built in Riverside and looks damned good from what I have been shown. MVP RV paid all of my warranty, and has even paid my old sales spiffs! These are stand up guys. I would think that Mike Thompson’s would do their homework before takiing on a line from any manufacturer. You’re probably a Keystone or Forest River employee…sour grapes…seems like he is a partner, not an investor (big difference).

  3. Happy Canuck, do your homework:

    The picture caption states “Winston Chung, Chinese investor in MVP RV” not the “partner” that you state…

    Glad you were paid what was owed, I’m just one of those guys who was left holding the bag when they went out of business a couple of years ago. Best of luck this time around!

  4. Dont believe everything you read CP, that was likely a marketing person who justed typed it in. The article also read

    “MVP RV’S billionaire business partner Winston Chung is most known for his invention of the Rare Earth Lithiumion Battery. Chung and the management team at MVP RV believe that now is the best time to move forward in the RV business. MVP RV is a debt-free company.”

    He is a partner, I have asked. I have done my homework, which is likely why I got paid and you have not.

  5. Not all Chinese investment is bad. There are Chinese investors in US industry who are not overt Communist Chinese Nationalists…..and on the other hand.

    A Mao jacket and the flag of the People’s Republic of China emblazoned in the corporate website?

    The corporate “Culture”.

    I think I’ll stick with manufacturers who are largely owned by US investors and stockholders.

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