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Inventor creates wood-burning stove for RVs

The Kimberly Stove is designed for use in RVs, yurts, boats and trailers.BURTON, Wash. — Two years ago Bridget and Roger Lehet were living on a 30-foot boat with their daughter in what they thought was absolute poverty. Out of necessity they invented a multi-fueled wood cook stove, originally designed for the boat, but also perfect for any small space such as yurts, RVs, cabins, or any other place where portable heating and cooking are required.

The stove’s compact design, measuring 30 inches tall with a 10-inch diameter, allows it to be installed with very little footprint, while its burn technology offers plenty of useable heat with little to no visible emission, said Bridget Lehet. 

One of the key features which make this stove unique is its portability. Weighing only 80 pounds, and utilizing a 3-inch chimney system vented through the RV’s roof, this complete unit can be deployed in minutes, possibly for disaster relief efforts.

Another unique feature is the patent-pending secondary combustion system which recycles exhaust gasses from the primary fire by re-burning them at temperatures of up to 1,600 F which completely incinerates all carcinogenic smoke particles before they become pollution, she explained.

This also allows the Kimberly Stove to operate on very little fuel. For winter heating, a 5-pound extruded sawdust log will provide enough heat to keep the average boat or RV warm and cozy for at least 8 hours, and provide more than 1,100 F for cooking.

For spring and fall use, one pound of standard charcoal will run this stove at a lower heat range for up to 12 hours.

Flexibility of fuel types is another unique feature of the Kimberly stove. The firebox and all areas of high temperature and corrosive exposure are constructed completely of type 316L high temperature stainless steel.

“This allows users to select fuels other stoves can’t burn such as salt water drift wood, charcoal and coal,” said Bridget. “Soon we will be able to offer the ability to use pellets, gasses and oils, such as bio diesel.

“We firmly believe that the Kimberly Stove can and will have a huge impact globally,” she explained. “Our aim is to address key issues with green technology which will also provide jobs while caring for our environment.”

For more information, call 206.293.2035.

SOURCE: Kimberly Stove press release

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  1. Currently I heat with a gasification wood furnace (model 200 )
    http://www.lamppakuuma.com/ I am responsible for keeping this company in business by suggesting website changes and advertising in Countryside Magazine. They did both and slowly business got better, and I became friends with the owner.
    I would like to have a stove that offers all the options you speak about and emits almost no smoke, like I have presently. I hope that one day you will build a larger model.
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks, and yes we are looking into larger as well as smaller stoves. Thanks for the comment


  3. Roger, is it 120 or 12 volts? Thanks

  4. where could i buy stove and thermo generator in the uk and how much pls?

  5. please contact me directly at sales@unforgettablefirellc.com

    Thank you

  6. Wonderful concept, almost to wonderful??? but boy oh boy would i like to get one for me!!! I have been planning and researching a wood stove for a toy hauler trailer. My wife and I deer hunt, fish and camp together when health and money allows.We hunt in the U.P. up in the northern woods of Mich. It gets pretty cold up there .I have pushed my campers over the years to there limits. Most campers are not rated for three season or four season camping. That means you give up the awesome luxury of charging your water systems, like showers, doing dishes, hot WATER, and most important inside toilet that flushes. Also when its really cold you use up your propane twice as fast and if not generator equipped your batteries might last 2-days. A wood burner properly placed would protect water lines from bursting and the furnace would now become the backup heat source via the thermostat. I have been researching anything I can find on thermo-electric generator tech. Your stove appears to be the miracle wonder I need. I just retired on a medical disability with a very strict pension. I am a retired police officer and my wife and I are very dedicated Christians. I guess what I am trying to say is ,we will have to look and pray a lot to find a way to purchase your stove. ouch on your price, but quality comes with a price tag and thanks for building American. God bless!!!

  7. Hello Dean,

    You can if you wish call me at 206 850 2322. We happen to have a couple demo units we can sell at $2800.00 which have been burned less than 6 months. Congrats on retirement and thank you for your service to your community.

    Roger Lehet inventor

  8. christopher shultz

    how many BTU does this stove have

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