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Hubbell’s new AC/USB outlet serves as charging station

SHELTON, Conn. — When RVers are ready to get up and go, so should all their electronic devices. Hubbell’s USB Charger Receptacle delivers both USB and regular electrical power in a single device, making it simple to keep smart phones, digital readers, tablet computers, MP3 players, mobile phones or GPS units ready for use.

Besides its two 15-amp, 125-volt AC outlets for traditional use, the receptacle is fitted with twin USB ports. It’s compatible with any USB 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0 electronic equipment. While most competitive units produce only 2 amps or less, Hubbell’s USB Charger Receptacle provides a full 3 amps of USB power. That’s enough to charge two tablets at the same time.

If the receptacle becomes overloaded, it cycles off briefly, then returns to normal function without manual resetting. A green LED light indicates USB power availability.

This USB charger receptacle features the company’s Style Line decorator finish and measures 2.62-by-1.3 inches. It installs in a standard electrical box deeper than 1.5 inches with internal AC/MC clamps.

Offered in black, gray, ivory, light almond and white, the Hubbell USB Charger Receptacle retails for $49.99.

For more information, call 475.882.4838 or visit www.hubbell-wirecon.com.

Hubbell USB charger receptacle

SOURCE: Hubbell press release

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