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Gulf Stream introduces new Cabin Cruiser model

NAPPANEE, Ind. — Gulf Stream Coach today expanded its unique Cabin Cruiser line of laminated lightweight travel trailers with the introduction of the Model 28CRB.

This model features an outside kitchen, a walk-in closet/pantry, a floor-to-ceiling entertainment center in the main living area, and a spacious master bedroom with a walk-around bed.

Beyond the long list of features and advanced construction, it’s the knotty pine paneled interior that is igniting the growth in Cabin Cruiser sales. The warm wood tones, along with a camping family’s spirit of adventure, turn the Cabin Cruiser from a travel trailer into a cozy mountain cabin, a summer beach house, or a classic luxury yacht.

“No other travel trailer I’ve seen causes as many oohs and ahhs when retail customers step inside,” said Paul Campbell, Gulf Stream Coach director of marketing. “There’s something about the rich, warm paneling that reminds people of their fondest memories of vacations, camping, and outdoor adventures.”

“The effects of the interior is instantly relaxing and comfortable. It’s inviting too, making it easy to entertain family, friends, and the people you meet as you go camping,” he added.

“Of course like any Gulf Stream Coach product, the Cabin Cruiser 28CRB benefits from over thirty-five years of advancements and innovations in space planning, construction, and materials,” Campbell continued. “When the Cabin Cruiser list of standard features is combined with our built-in luxury upgrade package, the 28CRB is clearly ahead of its competitors in terms of quality and value.”

“Add the truly amazing retail appeal of the knotty pine interior, and you have a retail powerhouse enjoying significant sales growth,” Campbell said. “We’re watching as the Cabin Cruiser outpaces competitors for our dealers in market after market. That strong growth curve makes it an attractive profit opportunity we’re willing to offer to other qualified dealers in selected regions across the United States and Canada, too.”

SOURCE: Gulf Stream Coach press release

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