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Gosher’s introduces aftermarket blind spot system

Gosher’s introduces aftermarket blind spot system

Gosher's aftermarket blind spot systemLOS ANGELES —, a Mason Hill Company, today announced the sale of the first retail-ready aftermarket blind spot detection system for RVs and other vehicles. This is the first unit of its type offered for sale in the United States, the company noted in a press release.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, is accepting pre-orders on the unit at a discounted price, with free shipping until July 25. Shipments to customers are expected to be made by Aug. 15, or sooner. This universal kit can be installed on to virtually any type of vehicle, including commercial trucks, vans, fleet vehicles, standard automobiles and RVs.

This is not a camera or mirror system. It is the first commercially available aftermarket unit which utilizes radar type sensors which would be installed on the rear bumper cover of an automobile. The location would be adjusted depending on the length of the vehicle. Longer trucks/RVs would require installation on the sides. Two LED indicators are included and install on the inside of the vehicle, preferably on the left and right front door panels for easy viewing by the driver. It is the same technology being used by the big luxury car makers. When a vehicle is in the blind spot, the corresponding LED will light up.

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SOURCE: Gosher’s press release

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  1. The article would be MUCH more valuable to fols if the price range was included.

  2. Website shows $209 for pre-order with free shipping. Regular price will be $229. Seems very reasonable to me.

  3. Now I see it is listed on their web page for $249 and back ordered.

  4. I called them earlier today, and they expect to ship more units in the week of 9/17. They are accepting orders still on the site, and will ship when available.

  5. I got them and had nothing but trouble. I contacted Goshers and they ignored me. The cables are not long enough for an RV. It took 5 hours for my technician to install. I get a ton of false signals especially when I go past a tree. When I got the quote to install it, I decided to return it. Since Goshers would not respond, I paid the installer and just paid him again to disable it. I now how some expensive junk on my RV. Oh, by the way, I have a 26 ft Class A. Imagine if I had a 42 foooter.

  6. Does this device need to be installed by a professional or can a do-it-yourselfer do it. Are there any installers in the Nashville TN area?

    Thank you

  7. Folks, I see that they have two new kits which were introduced recently, they call them BSDS-003306 and BSDS-004408. These units look like they would work on longer vehicles, whereas the BSDS-003016 mentioned here is listed on their website for “passenger” cars.

    I think that is the main issue mentioned by Phil above. I am sure if the right unit is chosen, there will be better results. Seems like Phil bought a unit which is too small for his longer RV.

    I may jump and grab one myself to try it out.

  8. We had this unit installed on our Camry and it works great. It will pick up other dense objects (say a large tree or parking post), but it seems to work in our favor. It’s actually picked up a large parking post at the Wal-Mart the other day, which I couldn’t see in the mirrors. Saved me a dent for sure. It works great on the roads as well.

    I see comments above that Goshers ignored Phil’s calls, but I find that hard to swallow. They always responded rather quickly to my emails prior to the sale. I even called them personally to ask a last minute question, which they assisted me with.

    During the installation, our install tech thought something was not working correct. He called the Goshers customer service line, and they helped him with the issue. Nothing was defective, it was just a setting issue. To be sure, Goshers even offered to send a replacement unit – no questions asked. Nothing was wrong, but it’s nice to a see a company stand up for their products and good old customer service.

    I was just googling the kit just now, since I am ready to buy another one. I saw these comments and had to chime in.

  9. I bought the unit advertised on an RV email. I even told them I was getting it for my RV. I called after my mechanic looked at it and said it was for a car. I then emailed and told them the problem. They did not respond . I was stuck with it so had it installed for a kit of money. Maybe because of the length of the RV, it continually gave false signals. I noticed that no one has tried it on an RV. I would like to see their response. By the way, even though I posted this, they still didn’t contact me.

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