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Cupsy gives your drink legs

Cupsy gives your drink legs

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — The Cupsy is an innovative cup holder with cool removable legs that reliably keeps beverages from spilling and devices from getting lost. It looks like a car cup holder, but since it’s portable, it can be used on the couch, in bed, even as floating cup holder.

When on the go, bring the Cupsy with in a car, truck or RV – it makes a great rear seat car or truck cup holder. The Cupsy also makes a great car cup holder for an antique car, muscle car, or sports car.

The nifty Cupsy design enables use by everyone in the family:

  • Grandma uses the Cupsy to hold coffee in as a bed cup holder
  • Dad drinks a beverage while watching the big game with the couch cup holder
  • Mom reads with tea, votive candles and the couch cup holder
  • Kids play video games with a protected place to keep their milk glasses in the floor cup holder
  • Baby’s sippy cup and snacks are kept from spilling with the blanket cup holder
  • Jump into the pool with a floating cup holder nearby
  • Go to the beach and keep the sunscreen and water bottles out of the sand with the beach cup holder

The rugged design of the Cupsy can hold the largest drinks and there is plenty of storage – the Cupsy can hold a coffee cup, wine glass, pint glass, cell phone and TV remote at the same time. The company made it tough, from the same high quality material that the military uses for cases to protect their equipment, the release noted.

“We are extremely proud to offer consumers an engineered and proven drink organizer,” said Mark Lueker, President of Cupsy Me LLC.  “While I believe these stellar ratings certainly say a lot about our product line, they really describe the level of enthusiasm the consumer has for the convenience associated with the Cupsy drink organizer.

“Consumers are known to be fickle when providing product ratings; only a small percentage of purchasers actually take the time to review a product.  Many products struggle to achieve 25 or 50 reviews over the course of years of sales, many never reaching that elusive four-star level,” he added.

“Cupsy rocketed to a 4.7 star rating with over 200 reviews in only the first year of sales. This stellar performance cements Cupsy’s place as the premier drink organizer in the nation’s couches, cars and RVs,” said Lueker.

He said the secret to consumers acceptance of the Cupsy drink organizer is the removable, and repositionable legs, which allow it to be used wherever the consumer is – beach, bed, car or couch.

The Cupsy retails for $29.97.

For more information, visit

Dealers and campgrounds interested in stocking the product may contact Mark Lueker at

SOURCE: Cupsy Me press release

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