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Covers for Parkit360 dollies

ONTARIO, Canada — Parkit360 Force 5K and 10K battery-powered trailer dollies are built to last. But to keep them free from dust, dirt and debris, and in pristine condition, the company offers a custom-fitted Canvas Unit Cover.

The Canvas Unit Cover comes in two sizes, for 4-inch and 6.5-inch wide tires. Built of rugged canvas fabric with heavy-duty stitching, it’s designed to be used indoors or out. A zipper ensures it goes on easily and snug to prevent wind damage. Both sizes cost $220.

Perfect for storing boats, RVs and other trailers, Parkit360 power dollies will move up to 15,000 lbs., yet are light and compact enough to fit in the trunk of a small sedan. Controlled with one hand, powerful electric motors make maneuvering around obstacles and tight corners a breeze. Parked tongue-end in, it’s an incredible theft deterrent.

Learn more at www.parkit360.com.

SOURCE: Parkit press release

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