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Correct Track makes aligning trailers easy

Correct Track makes aligning trailers easy

ELKHART — Many high-mileage RVers are already aware of how premature tire wear can lead to early tire failure. But, even new and low-ileage RVers can experience tire blowouts due to improperly aligned travel trailers, Lippert Components announced today.

CorrectTrack from Lippert Components, Inc.According to the company:

  • A suspension only 0.25-inch out of alignment over the course of 5,000 miles is equivalent to dragging the RV sideways for 125 miles.
  • A blown out tire causes expensive collateral damage in almost all cases that frequently amounts to thousands of dollars.
  • The major cause of misalignment is unbalanced, lateral weight caused by floor plan arrangement of heavy interior items and slide outs.
  • Alignment service is less expensive than a blowout or road side service, and a new tire can be done safely and conveniently on the RVer’s schedule.

“Out of alignment suspensions create excessive vibration throughout the entire rig,” said Jarod Lippert, director of marketing. “Vibration is the enemy of all structures and will cause premature failure of appliances, electronics like TVs and computers, gas and water lines and all the fasteners holding your coach and contents together.”

Lippert said the benefits of proper suspension/axle alignment include:

  • Peace of mind and safety
  • Reduced vibration damage and passenger fatigue
  • Improved fuel mileage
  • Reduced wear and fatigue on suspension components
  • Dramatically improved tire life
  • Tires run cooler
  • Corrects uneven tread wear

The Mobile Outfitters at LCI invented Correct Track to efficiently perform axle alignment service for all conventional spring suspension systems. Correct Track is available to OEM customers for single, tandem and triple axle suspensions. The Mobile Outfitters can weld the Correct Track onto the frame upon fabrication as an added suspension enhancement.

Correct Track II is available to dealers and distributers through the Mobile Outfitters website.  Correct Track II is bolted onto the existing axle hangers and must be done by a certified Mobile Outfitters dealer.

“If you need alignment correction service, Correct Track is your best and most economical solution,” said Lippert.

For more information, call 574.535.1125 or visit

SOURCE: Lippert Components, Inc., press release

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  1. This is interesting. Doesn’t Lippert builds the frames and axles for most of these travel trailers. So let me get this straight, they build them crooked and then sell you something to straighten them out.


    • If you pulled a 5th wheel or travel trailer you might think leppert for coming up with a good idea but o fcourse you drive on roads that or real smooth and no potholes

  3. it’s like selling guns & bullet proof vests…more

    way to go joe

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