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Charging stations keep customers happy, powered up

Charging stations keep customers happy, powered up

CLEVELAND — Campground owners and RV dealers can keep customers happy by by installing a power charging station from Portable Charging Solutions. The stations ensure people can power their phones and other mobile devices.

The portable stations can charge between three and eight devices at once, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. It uses Apple and Android certified cabling and also offers a standard electrical outlet and two USB charging hubs.

Each station includes space for signage to advertise events, promotions or to provide information about the campground or dealership.  Some of the stations can be configured into standalone displays or kiosks.

The stands are constructed of 16 gauge metal casing and plug into a standard 110-volt wall outlets.

“Portable Charging Solutions has always progressed with technological obsolescence in mind, researching new advances in charging and mobile technologies,” said CEO Robert Coffy. “Currently, our phone charging stations include Apple’s proprietary Lightning and 30-pin connectors (compatible from the iPhone 3GS all the way to the iPhone 6s), and Android micro USB cables.

“But the newest technology we’re excited about is wireless charging, otherwise known as ‘inductive’ charging,” he added. “Smartphone and smartwatch manufacturers such as Samsung, Google, LG, and Motorola have just begun to include this feature in their devices, and we expect other tech companies to follow suit within the next few years.

“All of our stations are built with this expectation in mind,” said Coffy. “Every station can be easily retrofitted to bolster the ubiquity of wireless charging and accommodate such a change. We’ll keep your phone charging station not only functioning, but completely relevant for the foreseeable future.”

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SOURCE: Portable Charging Solutions bulletin

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