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Blue Sky launches Solar Boost 3000i

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Blue Sky Energy, Inc. today announced the release of its most flexible MPPT solar charge controller to date, the Solar Boost 3000i™ (SB3000i). This device allows for a range of batteries to be charged using conventional solar modules without suffering power losses from voltage mismatch.

Using Blue Sky Energy’s patented MPPT technology, the SB3000i increases charge current up to 30 percent or more compared to conventional controllers, saving RV owners and other off-grid solar users on space and system costs. It regulates the transmission of power from the solar module to the battery to improve efficiency while making the system safer and extending the battery’s lifetime.

“As a long-time manufacturer and MPPT technology developer, Blue Sky Energy has a long list of products each with their own valuable features. The SB3000i “delivers exactly what RV, marine, lighting, security, and mobile customers have been asking for – a powerful MPPT solar charge controller with the same features and benefits included in our other products with the added benefits of flexibility and accessibility,”” said Melanie Cullen, VP of Marketing and Operations at Blue Sky Energy.

Manufactured in the U.S. and Mexico, Blue Sky Energy’’s SB3000i is also the company’’s most user-friendly product with its built-in digital display providing for both monitoring and in-depth system setup. Like all Blue Sky Energy products, the SB3000 comes with a five-year product warranty and meets rigorous standards for durability and reliability. “The Solar Boost 3000i delivers a set of innovations that establishes Blue Sky Energy as a continued leader in the MPPT field,” says Cullen.

The SB3000i will be available in August from wholesale distributors including Cascade Mountain, SunWize, Hitney Solar, the Alternative Energy Store, and AEE Solar.

Solar Boost 3000i

The SB3000i 12V/30A or 12V/22A MPPT solar charge controller regulates the transmission of power from the solar panel to the battery safely and efficiently to promote the longevity of the battery and the entire off-grid solar system.

  • Supports up 400 watts at 30 amps with 36-cell modules or 290 watts at 22 amps with 60-cell modules for 12 volt systems
  • Operates as a standalone controller or as an IPN Network Master device controlling additional controllers like the SB3024iL to allow for maximum flexibility
  • The IPN network interface allows communication, coordination, and output display of up to eight IPN-compatible controllers
  • An auxiliary output is user-configurable and can serve as a 20A LVD load controller, a 20A lighting controller with LVD, or a 2A auxiliary battery charger for a second battery
  • The three-stage charge control algorithm matches the output of the charger with the battery during the charging process and optimally charges flooded, GEL, and AGM lead-acid batteries
  • Provides advanced fully user-adjustable digital set points
  • A manual or automatic equalization function periodically conditions the battery to improve battery performance
  • The solar charge amp-hour counter/tracking function monitors the amount of amp-hours delivered to the battery
  • A Low-power LED display shows battery voltage, input and output current, auxiliary battery voltage, and total amp-hours produced
  • Comes with a five-year limited warranty

For more information about Blue Sky Energy, Inc., visit www.blueskyenergyinc.com.

SOURCE: Blue Sky Energy, Inc. press release

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