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Stella Mare RV Resort featured on podcast 203

This week we are going to talk to the folks at a Texas RV resort that is fortunate in that it serves two distinctly different types of clients.

Cindy Harter is the general manager of Stella Mare RV Resort, which is located along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston, Texas.

Stella Mare caters primarily to families during the spring and summer months, then shifts gears in the fall and winter to welcome snowbirds. She’ll describe some of the challenges and opportunities working with each group brings.

Businesses are told that they can’t be all things to all people, but Stella Mare RV Resort in Galveston, Texas, does serve multiple types of clients, depending upon the year. Winter attracts older snowbirds, who are often replaced by fun-loving college students on spring break, followed by adventure-seeking families.

Each group comes to the park with different needs and different expectations. It has got to be challenging for the park staff to meet the diverse needs of its guests, especially during those weeks during which the generations tend to clash.

Harter also talks about some of the unique promotions that drive business to the campground, and ways the park partners with local businesses to enhance the guest experience. She describes what it is like to manage a coastal campground during hurricane season.

Stella Mare really takes the idea of being a resort seriously, rather than just slapping the word on a sign or brochure. It seems people have a mental expectation as to what an RV resort should look like and the types of services it provides.

The creativity Stella Mare displays when catering to clients on special holidays or special occasions. Which beleaguered mother wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to enjoy a massage on Mother’s Day?

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