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RV lifestyle expert Margo Armstrong joins Podcast 188

RV lifestyle expert Margo Armstrong joins Podcast 188

Today we’re going to delve into some issues of concern to full-time and seasonal RV owners. Margo Armstrong is an author of 20 books, a blogger and RV lifestyle expert. She’s been living the RV dream for many years.

She comes on the show to talk about issues related to healthcare on the road, voting, the types of records people need to keep with them, apps to help them on their journeys and how easy it is for single women to embrace the RV lifestyle.

Armstrong is an authority in the RV lifestyle. Her books are well received and reviewed by people who are just getting into RVing as well as those who have been traveling for a while. Titles include:

  • For Women Only: Traveling Solo in Your RV
  • Care and Maintenance: What You Need to Know
  • The RV Lifestyle: A Dream Come True
  • Healthcare and the RV Lifestyle
  • Conquer the Road: RV Maintenance for Travelers
  • How to Save Money While Enjoying the RV Lifestyle
  • Working on the Road
  • Selling Online: How to Support the Traveling Lifestyle.

All of these books are available at Margo has made her top three books of the RV Lifestyle Collection available as a single Kindle purchase for $9.99. Those books include Traveling Solo, Healthcare and Motorhome Maintenance.

Margo frequently blogs about her travels and offers advice on how to better enjoy the RV lifestyle at People can sign up for free to get notified whenever she posts something new.

***During the interview Margo talks about problems with insurance companies covering out-of-network travel and there is discussion about a medical bill sharing service called Christian Health Ministries.

The most expensive plan is $150 per month plus $45 per quarter to have unlimited financial assistance on all medical bills over $500 per accident or illness. For a family, the monthly cost tops out at $450. More information can be found at

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