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Podcast 211 explains how to keep rodents out of RVs

This week’s guest is Nick Olynyk, president of Grandpa Gus’s Pest Control Products, a company based in Austin, Texas.

Now is the time of year that mice are looking for comfortable living arrangements for the winter, and if people are not using their RV, then rodents figure they might as well settle in.

Olynyk explains what types of products work best to discourage rodents from taking up residence. The company offers convenient pouches that you strategically place in the RV as well as spray products.

In addition to mouse repellents, Grandpa Gus also offers mosquito and tick repellent sprays, ant and spider repellents, and even a spray to help discourage chipmunks and squirrels. That might be of use to park model owners.

These are safe, easy-to-use and, because they are repellents and not poisons, it is okay to use the products around dogs and kids.

It is pretty amazing how mice and other rodents can find their way inside an RV. Grandpa Gus’ repellents are nice products to use because they simply deter pests from hanging around. They don’t kill the rodents, which can lead to nastiness if they die inside the RV, a compartment or between a wall.

It is also important to spray the repellent on vehicle wiring. Olynyk points out that because of the oils used in making wire that it actually works to attract mice to them.

Coming in contact with Grandpa Gus’s peppermint and cinnamon formula causes great irritation and convinces the rodents to leave.

If you’d like to check out the full line of repellents, including mosquito and tick repellents, be sure to visit

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