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Podcast 210: Ernie Lansford tells how to be a customer success master

We have a very interesting and informative guest on the show today. Ernie Lansford is the author of The Poetics of Sales: A Sales Rep’s Journey From Tolerated Professional Visitor to Celebrated Partner.

But, before you think this is all about sales, it isn’t. Even though Ernie has been a salesperson for decades, the book is also about leadership, especially as it pertains to his 18 immutable customer success codes.

Those apply not only to sales, but to management and everyday life, if you want to be successful.

Ernie is spot on when he notes that everyone is involved in sales in one way or the other. The only way we can get ahead in life, and get the things we want is by selling ourselves and our ideas to other people.

You might not make a living off commission, but you still need to employ the same sales tactics when asking for a raise, proposing to a spouse, getting kids to conform to house rules, leading teams of people, or just about anything else.

Ernie offers unique insight into the different types of relationships salespeople have with customers. He defines them as tolerated, tepid, vendor, partner and celebrated.

We also talk about the sales culture, and how it is also a reflection of business practices today. He also addresses the concept of loyalty, whether it is business to employees, or customers to companies.

Ernie Lansford outlines the steps to become a customer success master by shifting interactions with people away from being centered around transactions to centering around relationships instead.

Finally, he posed a question to himself a few weeks ago and spent a great deal of time reflecting on it. He wondered, if he could go back in time, what would he tell his 20-year-old self. The insight would be of interest to anyone just starting out in a career.

For more information, visit

People can also download his list of advice he would give to his 20-year-old self.

To get a copy of Ernie’s book The Poetics of Sales: A Sales Rep’s Journey from Tolerated Professional Visitor to Celebrated Partner, visit

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