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Podcast 208 explores Winnebago Specialty Vehicles

Podcast 208 explores Winnebago Specialty Vehicles

RVs are being called into service for a variety of reasons beyond purely recreational uses. Today we are going to talk with two people about products being developed by Winnebago Industries’ Specialty Vehicle Division.

Jamie Sorenson, the director of specialty vehicles, is joined by Ashis Bhattacharya, the vice president of strategic planning and business development. Together they talk about the history of the specialty vehicles division and how much it has advanced beyond developing RVs for people with mobility challenges.

They address the market need for these types of specialty vehicles and look at the features of some of the units that have recently been developed.

Because of the technology that goes into developing these vehicles, it will impact the RV industry in the near future. They explain how the new vehicles fit into the existing Winnebago lineup.

We also look at the changes that have occurred at Winnebago Industries to accommodate these new vehicles as well as the research and development that goes into creating the units one at a time for specific clients.

Many people consider Winnebago Industries to be ahead of the curve when it comes to product development, and that could be because of the research and development the firm puts in to create these one-of-a-kind specialty vehicles.

If the company is going to go through the trouble of creating a custom RV for a specific, non-recreational use, it only makes sense that the effort be applied to improving recreation vehicles as well.

Some might question why a company like Winnebago would make an investment in specialty vehicles that have nothing to do with recreation, but it really is a smart business move. They have a customer paying the company to fabricate a mobile vehicle with technology that puts Winnebago years ahead of its competition.

So, when the market is ready to embrace all-electric RVs, Winnebago will have already strategically developed that technology to pounce on the opportunity.

To get more information about Winnebago Industry’s Specialty Vehicles Division, be sure to visit the company’s website at www.winnebagoind.com.

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