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Podcast 207 addresses towing safety with David Gray

Podcast 207 addresses towing safety with David Gray

There have been a number of news stories and Facebook posts recently about travel trailers and fifth wheels that have flipped over while traveling down the road. The images of the destruction are hard to fathom. It can also lead to serious injuries and loss of life.

David Gray, the founder of Fifth Wheel Street, makes a repeat appearance on the show. He was one of the first guests in 2014, the podcast’s inaugural year.

He returns with an update regarding the towing capacity of today’s trucks, and the biggest problems he sees taking place when it comes to towing RVs.

He describes a tool he makes available to RV dealers and RV owners alike that helps ensure that a specific truck or SUV is capable of handling a specific type of travel trailer or fifth wheel. It took him four years to fine tune the RV Tow Check tool, that is now available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

David reminds RV owners of some commonly overlooked items that they sometimes forget to factor in when determining the weight limits of their RVs.

He describes the Automated Safety Hitch, a product that he sees as being very helpful to people towing RVs in a safe manner. More information is available at www.safetyhitch2.com.

Earlier this year, David launched a consulting service where he will complete a report on the towing ability of a specific truck and specific RV to reassure buyers that their current vehicle can safely tow the RV they would like to acquire.

He also describes some of the tools and information that is available on his website to help RVers with understanding how to tow safely.

Towing is a science, and tools are available to help make sure the truck or SUV can handle the RV being pulled. Don’t trust a dealer or a friend who says it will work. Make the determination yourself whether the math works out for the two vehicles to work together.

Take time to visit David Gray’s website at www.fifthwheelstreet.com and check out his RV Tow Check app at the Apple Store and Google Play.

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