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Podcast 204 looks at open house, RVing in New England

One of the biggest industry trade shows took place two weeks ago in Elkhart during the city-wide annual open house event.

Bob Zagami, executive director of the New England RV Dealers Association, and John DiPietro, a videographer with RVing in New England, attended the event and are this week’s guests to discuss their impressions with the open house.

Bob has been a guest in the past, but this is John’s first time on the show. They explain what impressed them most at the open house, and they discuss several new products. But, they also talk about industry trends they uncovered at the event.

It really is impressive how quickly an idea hatched by two CEOs to help the city of Elkhart during the Great Recession has worked to become the dominant trade show in the RV industry in just a few years.

The event features some big names in the entertainment world, incredible meals and incentivized prices to entice dealers to order new model year RVs for the 2019 camping season.

It was interesting that Zagami and DiPietro picked up on the same trend in Elkhart that was observed last year at Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Germany – that being that families seem to be intrigued by RVs that can be hauled anywhere and incorporate some type of tenting experience in them.

Bob and John explain how the industry is really embracing young families with their newer models. That bodes well for the long-term future of the RV market.

They also talk about their hit video show on Facebook called RVing in New England, which focuses on the RV lifestyle in that part of the country. They get thousands of viewers every week, and just launched a promotion for October.

RVing In New England is generating a lot of enthusiasm. It’s a unique platform that brings industry guests on the show to talk about RV lifestyle issues. People can find a link to the show at www.nervda.com.

Bob also takes time to talk about the upcoming Boston RV Show, and why that event is not only a big hit with RV buyers, but is the envy of other RV shows for the quality of buyers that take part.

Set your calendars now for the upcoming Boston RV Show scheduled for Jan. 18 to 21 in downtown Boston. Exhibit space is already sold out for New England’s largest indoor RV show.

The activities schedule and list of seminars is being finalized, but will be available soon at www.bostonrvexpo.com.

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