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Podcast 202 looks at branding with Tom McManimon

This week’s podcast guest is Tom McManimon, the president of StimulusBrand Communications, and the author of two books: The Stuff That Sticks and The Position Player.

He writes a blog about corporate and personal branding that may intrigue professionals because every employee or manager has a personal brand whether he or she knows it.

On the show, McManimon talks about avoiding brand confusion, especially on social media. He also suggests when companies should look at rebranding and the best time to take that type of action.

He shows how personal branding can make or break a career by the way people project themselves on the job and off.

There is so much noise in the marketplace of ideas today that it just keeps getting louder as the messages get foggier. Branding as a company is essential, especially in areas where people congregate, like social media.

If you own a company, would you stand on the street in front of your business or at a trade show booth holding up signs depicting the images or messages that you convey on Facebook? If the answer is yes, then McManimon would probably say you are branding yourself and your company consistently.

For mom-and-pop companies, branding is even more important if they hope to compete against large, well-funded corporations that have the ability to muscle their way into conversations. For that reason, a brand strategy needs to be developed and maintained.

It has been said that confusion repels, while clarity attracts. The same holds true for personal brands. The image project at work, at home, online and in the community at large reflects upon the person and follows the individual wherever he or she godes

People can pick up one of Tom McManimon’s books, either The Stuff That Sticks or The Position Player to see how branding can impact your business and your career.

For more information about Tom’s company and the services the firm can offer, be sure to visit

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