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RV Adventure Videographer John Holod

Podcast 187 features RV videographer John Holod

Whether you’re new to RVing or a seasoned travel veteran, you’ll enjoy this week’s guest. John Holod is the founder of RV Adventure Videos. He was one of the first people interviewed when this podcast started in 2014.

John has produced a series of exceptional well-made videos chronicling his RV travels all over North America. Each video features high-definition photography of some of the most scenic must-see places to visit as well as little known points of interest.

These are great planning tools for people to help them whittle down their travel options or help them dream about a memorable vacation.

John describes the theme of each of the videos he produced, outlines his decision-making process as to what places to feature, and offers tips on how to plan a great RV trip.

He’s done a great job researching each area he visits and in selecting the best places to visit. He even suggests places to eat and stay along the way. It’s like having a personal travel concierge create the ultimate RV adventure.

In fact, he is offering listeners of this show a spectacular deal to buy all 10 RV adventure videos for just $80 by calling John directly at 313.510.2350.

RV dealers would be very wise to order a set to play in the waiting rooms. Nothing sells RV travel better than stories of people who have been traveling on incredible adventures.

For more information about the videos, visit www.rvadventurevideos.com.

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