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Podcast 175 features CGI Outdoors’s Jeff Polke

Podcast 175 features CGI Outdoors’s Jeff Polke

This week’s guest is Jeff Polke, the cofounder of CGI Outdoors, a company that markets unique chairs, tables and other outdoor equipment. The firm has been serving the outdoor industry for years, and just recently re-entered the RV market.

CGI produces some rugged furniture that works on just about any terrain, whether it’s in a mountain, on a beach or in a campground. Their rockers are extremely popular and the firm just introduced an innovative cook station that easily folds up and slides into an RV compartment, but helps chefs make great meals outdoors.

The company sells products through a dealer direct network as well as online. Polke explains how the company got started and describes the benefits of its patented technology. He also offers some valid reasons for RV dealers and campgrounds to carry the products.

CGI’s Everywhere Chair sounds like the ideal product for active RVers with its adjustable legs that offer comfortable seating everywhere people like to be. Polke and his partner, Dan Grace, listen to their customers. So when people complained about having to carry chairs wherever they go, the guys developed a product that straps on to users’ backs so they can take them on hikes or down the street to watch a parade.

CGI is a wonderful entrepreneurial story. The staff likes to be outdoors and when they see a problem, they develop a product to alleviate that problem. Jeff and Dan have a successful business because they build off each other’s strengths rather than trying to compete and bump heads while doing the same things.

People should check out CGI’s cook stations. They are great for camping, but ideal for tailgating, too.

For more information about the company at its products, visit There is even a spot on the website for dealers and campgrounds to set up retail accounts.

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  1. Greg can I ask you a question? Are the only interviews you can get now the people you have not made mad? Camping chair stories are not going to draw in listeners. What happened to interviews with RV factories or industry people like Mark & Dawn Polk, Phillip Billups, Chuck Woodberry, The Bontragers and the RV Dr.. What about going back to the guy you did the first interview with and catch up with him. Here’s a novel idea what about Airstream the other people you told me you made mad. Of all the RV’s out there you have never done one on Airstream or its history. I save some of these to my MP3 but now I am having to go back two years to hear something interesting. Oh yea and you mention in a podcast where you were asked not to attend a show but never explained why (can you say cliff hanger). You do a pro job at podcast but the content leaves me with much to be desired. Be brave Greg and go back to Keystone, Thor, Winnebago and others and see if you can find someone there who will show you some love. And lastly please don’t tell people I’m hating on you because I don’t hate you I want interesting content. Hope you have a great day.