Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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Podcast 173 showcases

Podcast 173 showcases

There are two guests for this week’s podcast. Kevin Wallenbeck is the founder of RVing Planet and he is joined by Nate Morse, the director of RVing Planet.

This relatively new consumer RV site is growing at a pretty good clip. The site provides information about RV products and the RV lifestyle specifically catering to consumers. They explain what RVing Planet is all about and why they built the site.

They describe various products the site makes available to the industry, such as new RV listings and videos. RVing Planet also offers some tools to help RV owners select the right RV for them.

The industry needs quality consumer-oriented websites produced by people who truly understand the industry and the lifestyle.

Fortunately, because RVing Planet features new RVs for sale, dealers are helping to support the site. But, Kevin and crew could use the support of industry manufacturers, suppliers and campgrounds, too.

The ability for consumers to zero in on RVs based on their lifestyle needs, not just a particular manufacturer, is one of the best features of the site. It makes it possible for consumers to scan a wide spectrum of products without having to visit a dozen different websites.

To check out the products and tools available, especially the professionally made videos, be sure to visit

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  1. Greg love your interviews but your analysis of the tariffs is wrong. Take a read of real analysis of the issue here:

    We don’t operate in a free market. Your analysis of costs is incorrect.

  2. Kevin | InteractRV

    Greg, thanks so much for having Nate and I on your show. Always good to be with you.