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nüCamp teardrops, truck campers focus of Podcast 185

Scott Hubble, the CEO of nüCamp, is the guest for this week’s show.

nüCamp was known as Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers where it sold RVs direct to consumers from its plant in Sugar Creek, Ohio.

Then, in the fall of 2016, the company changed its name to nüCamp and began selling RVs through a dealer body. nüCamp has more than 100 dealers around the country who are enjoying considerable success with the products.

Today, nüCamp is the American manufacturer of T@B and T@G travel trailers as well as Cirrus truck campers.
He describes the products and what makes them unique from other RVs.

He also describes the changing market for teardrop RVs and truck campers and why millennial buyers are paying attention to the products.

The nüCamp towables are versatile recreation vehicles that can be taken anywhere, stored just about anywhere and towed by just about anything.

The Amish construction is a plus which ensures a quality product and the boondocking package increases their versatility.

The Cirrus truck campers are gaining a solid reputation as well.The Cirrus 920 was rated the best truck camper of the year by Truck Camper Magazine.

The fact they are constructed in a way to be used by a half-ton truck means they are equally as versatile.

The nüCamp website is packed with information, photos and videos of the products, and even a forum where RV owners and prospective buyers can share experiences, tips and ideas with others.

For more information, visit

People can also find more information on the website about the nüCamp rally July 16 to 21 in Sugar Creek, Ohio.

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