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Brian Schell explains RecVex in Podcast 195

Brian Schell explains RecVex in Podcast 195

This week’s guest is Brian Schell, the operations manager of the Recreation Vehicle Exchange, commonly referred to as RecVex. He officially flipped the switch to open the website to the world yesterday.

RecVex is a website that allows lenders and RV dealers to list inventory that is bid upon only by representatives of certified businesses.

It is more than an online auction, because RVs are available for sale 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. But, it is better than eBay in that the only bidders are professionals involved in the RV industry.

There are no fees to list RVs on the RecVex site. Fees are incurred only when the RV is sold.

The process is structured fairly in that dealers and lenders listing RVs for sale don’t have to pay upfront fees, nor are they nickel and dimed for add-on services, like premium listings.

As the site gets populated with more RVs, and more sales are completed, dealers and lenders will be able to use RecVex to determine the market value of RVs in real time. They won’t have to wait months for a book to be published and delivered.

The site was built with security in mind. In fact, Brian Schell said that the developers worked to tie their own hands to prevent hackers from gaining access to the site. Different roles can be assigned so the dealer can approve transactions, but someone else can upload descriptions and photographs.

For more information and to sign up to view all the listings on the site, RV dealers and lenders can visit

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