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The danger of trailers and how to properly hitch them

(July 27, 2017) -- Each year, hundreds of American motorists lose their lives in crashes involving trailers or campers.

NEW YORK — A heart-stopping video shows a camper swaying back and forth along a busy New Jersey highway before crossing four lanes of traffic and flipping over.

The dramatic cell phone footage was captured on the Garden State Parkway by another motorist on Monday. Incredibly, the driver hauling the camper escaped unharmed. He said the incident was caused by a blown tire.

The video is just one of many that show how dangerous it can be when trailers and campers are attached to a vehicle.

Read the full story from Inside Edition.

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  1. The driver in the video blamed the accident on a tore blowout. If he had a proper tow vehicle that may have been able to control the outcome. Tires blow every day~~ few have that result.

  2. Do we also need to tell people to close the doors on their vehicles before they pull away from the curb?