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South Dakota seeks to purge RVers from voting rolls

South Dakota seeks to purge RVers from voting rolls

RAPID CITY, S.D. — State Sen. Craig Tieszen, R-Rapid City, last week introduced a bill that would essentially forbid the use of a mail-forwarding service as an address for voter registration, the Rapid City Journal reported.

“It’s intended to make sure that people that vote in our elections here have at least some connection to South Dakota, and to make sure those people who do not have a connection to South Dakota do not participate in our elections,” Tieszen told the Journal.

The bill targets people who use mail-forwarding services to establish a postal address, forward their mail and sometimes assist with other things including driver licensing, vehicle registration and concealed-weapon permitting, the paper added.

To read the full story in the Rapid City Journal, click here.

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  1. Old news. South Dakota Senate Bill 164 was tabled in committe due to lack of support. The vote to table was 8 to 1, with the sponsor of the bill voting to table.

  2. Open the rest of the article, read it and the comments. You will see that this is just the tip of the iceberg This bit of old news will surface in another form with more support in the 2017 SD legislative session.
    The issue is not dead, it will rise again. Sen Thiezen admitted his bill was a door opener, a loser. We cannot not sit idly by to see our rights to vote as a legal resident of any jurusdiction in question regardless of domicile choice.
    Another bill which will pass concerns creation of a new town requiring ‘residents ‘ to physically reside for 90 days in the community to vote about its creation. SB 164 was a step toward requiring ‘— days’ physical presence in a precinct to vote.
    There was a time in history that only real estate property owning men could vote. Lets not go back there.

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