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RV Education 101 updates training videos

HARRELLS, N.C. — RV Education 101, an RV training video and information company, began the task of updating and streamlining its library of full-length RV training videos offered to consumers, the company announced today.

“Some of our RV training video productions date back to 2001. A lot can change in that amount of time, so we made the decision to update our entire RV training library,” said Mark Polk, co-owner.

“As part of the update we plan to streamline our offering, making it easier for folks to select the videos that apply to their particular type of RV,” he added. “We currently have 20 full-length RV training DVDs in our RV training library, and hope through this process to reduce that number to 10 or 12 when we are finished. ”

The first DVD title to get a makeover was the RV 101 Trailer Towing Basics title. RV Education 101 first produced the 56-minute trailer towing title in 2001. This past summer Keystone RV loaned RV Education 101 a travel trailer to capture the new footage.

The updated RV 101 Trailer Towing Basics title includes six chapters:

  • Tow vehicle capacity
  • Matching the tow vehicle and trailer
  • Proper hitch work
  • Hitching and unhitching
  • Towing the trailer
  • Backing the trailer

Dawn Polk, co-owner and sales and marketing director said the new RV101 Trailer Towing Basics title is available through RV Education 101’s download site and its new video app at the Apple and Android app stores.

“We are still selling a good number of the physical DVDs however will be doing smaller runs of the DVDs than we have in the past,” she explained. “We feel new technology in digital delivery systems will soon replace the DVDs.

“Instant video downloads through the app stores eliminate waiting for the product to arrive, shipping charges, and are priced lower because there is less overhead,” said Dawn Polk. “The original titles will still be available on DVD until sales significantly turn to downloads.”

RV Education 101 plans to have the entire RV training library updated by the end of 2017. The new titles will be added to the RV download site and app stores as they are completed.

The updated RV 101® Trailer Towing Basics title is now available for purchase here by clicking here.

RV Education 101 also offers a free monthly RV newsletter at www.rveducation101.com and hundreds of free RV video tips on their YouTube channel by clicking here.

SOURCE: RV Education 101 press release

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