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Ontario campers have strategies to snag campsites

(June 6, 2016) -- By booking a two week reservation and then cancelling the first 10 days people are able to book highly coveted long weekends ahead of time.

TORONTO, Ontario — Anyone looking to pitch a tent at a provincial campsite this summer had better hope they have a reservation – but getting one is easier said than done.

“You used to be able to just kind of go, ‘Hey, let’s go camping!’” said Staci French will relaxing in her site at Cultus Lake. “Now you have to think, what am I doing three months from now. It’s hard. Especially if you work.”

The province’s online booking system allows people to make a reservation up to 90 days in advance, but some people have figured out a way around that to get a jump on the competition.

To read the full story by CTV News, click here.

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