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(April 4, 2018) -- "Have a plan on where you're gonna go. dont trust your GPS device. Know where youre going to go and let someone know," said Keane. Adding the most important tip is to never go out on the road trip without a full tank of gas.

CA: Officers warn about spring time travel safety

REDDING, Calif. — A San Diego woman’s trip to visit family took a wrong turn over the weekend after she became stranded in Shasta County.
Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies say 63-year-old Penelope Bax was driving a motorhome to Washington when her car broke down in a remote area.

“Where she was she was stuck. While she was out there her motorhome ran out of fuel, not too long after that her batteries died, and she injuried her back at some point and time,” said CHP officer JR Keane.

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