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162 South Dakota ‘residents’ list Walmart as ‘home’

162 South Dakota ‘residents’ list Walmart as ‘home’

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The two candidates for auditor of Pennington County disagree about the legality of dozens of voter registrations that list the north-side Rapid City Walmart as an address, the Rapid City Journal reported.

South Dakota is a popular domicile state for full-time RVers. The article noted that many of the voters are already inactive and will be purged from voting rolls after four more years of inactivity.

“I am shocked that there are hundreds of illegal voters registered here in Pennington County, between the hundreds registered to vote who supposedly live at Walmart or others registering at other private businesses and homes, that they don’t own, live or work at,” said James Bialota, one of the candidates for office.

The full story is available at the Rapid City Journal.

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  1. I wonder if this guy realizes that he has a job because of all the absent RVrs in the state, last I looked the official number was 1 in 8 residents are Full Timers. His dismay is appearant he is not at all familure with the FT RVrs and what they contribute to SD economy. Wonder what this will do if this is persued , guess we will have to move to TX or FL and give them our vehicle tax, road tax, wheel tax, insurance premiums, driver license fees, mailbox premiums, anything else having to do with residence needs Rvrs must have.