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Yes, you can enjoy a peace that transcends understanding

Yes, you can enjoy a peace that transcends understanding

By Greg Gerber

Have you ever spent time with someone who is consumed by worry? It’s exhausting. They see problems under every rock and imagine the worst possible outcome for every situation.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we can’t help but worry when we are facing matters of life and death, or we find ourselves so over our heads with serious problems. In those cases, it is very hard not to worry because our ability to see a situation is limited to what we can see directly in front of us.

Fortunately, God has a much higher view of our problem. While we are trudging along through a maze of detours and dead ends, God can see the entire path from start to finish, like the mazes you see on the backs of kids menus in a restaurant.

It is hard for me to describe what it is like to have a peace that transcends all understanding, but there have been a few moments in the past few years where I really don’t have an explanation for the peace I felt in difficult situations.

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About Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is a freelance writer and podcaster who has been writing about the RV industry since 2000. He is the former editor of RV Daily Report.

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  1. What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? Greg you have faith and works. It’s never too late. Thanks for sharing your faith with us.

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