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Over-Sold and Under-Delivered

The arrival of the internet hasn't changed human behavior, only modified it to accommodate a new medium. So we as marketers need to adapt the proven-successful principles of marketing/advertising to our online venues.

The other day I had a great conversation with one of the most respected RV dealers in the industry regarding internet marketing.  This dealer has been in the RV business for decades and is revered by his peers as one of the most astute businessmen in the country. We shared some very interesting views and observations about internet marketing opportunities and venues. I found it refreshing to listen to his thoughts about several subjects — and I concur with his viewpoints.


One item we discussed was Google analytics as well as the other metrics that are available to measure the results of internet marketing and advertising.  These metrics are all very helpful, but at the end of the day (and month!) if sales and profits do not consistently meet expectations, it really doesn’t matter how impressive these metric numbers may be, especially if the bottom line is bottoming out.


Another topic we discussed, and one that is closely tied in with the first subject, is the justification of return on the RV dealer’s advertising investment.  They’re pouring money into internet marketing and, while they get all sorts of quantifying reports, their profit margins are smaller, not to mention that overall sales aren’t any better than when they weren’t conducting internet marketing.


We talked about how ineffectively most websites and other online advertising messages are developed, created and executed.  We agreed that so many of the most important selling elements are missing, and that compelling incentives, offers, and benefit-rich components were nonexistent.  We discussed how vital and important it is for RV dealers to be certain that they include the necessary messages that customers react and respond to, but that very few come close to accomplishing these objectives.  


The internet hasn’t changed human nature


Basically, many dealers believe that the internet has changed everything, so they tend to toss out their years of business knowledge — knowledge they need to apply to the new medium. They simply highlight their products and services, without involving the customer or showing exactly how the customer will benefit. And what the customer really wants to know is, ‘what’s in it for me?’ Just because it’s an online message, it doesn’t mean that a dealer can ignore proven successful marketing and advertising techniques.


We concluded that there are a number of very cost-efficient media alternatives. Internet marketing is quite viable, but&amp

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