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Opinion: Change comes to America — again

Opinion: Change comes to America — again

By Greg Gerber
Editor, RV Daily Report

I watched an inauguration today for the first time since I watched one from a classroom at LaFollette High School in Madison, Wis., Jan 20, 1977, as Jimmy Carter was being sworn in as president. It may surprise many that I actually campaigned for Mr. Carter during back when I was an impressionable teenager.

It’s truly incredible that the United States has such a peaceful transition of power from one administration to the other. The pomp and ceremony was impressive, and I’m glad I took the time to witness this moment in history.

Yes, the victor lost the popular vote by millions. Yes, it was an unusually bitter and dysfunctional campaign. Yes, the nation remains as deeply polarized today as it did 20 years ago, if not more so. But, I can’t help but feel optimistic that things are going to change for the better.

Politicians eloquently speak out of both sides of their mouth so well that they seem to be professional ventriloquists — and we’re the dummies. Trump is no politician.

When completing my college degree back in 1992, when I minored in public administration, I remember getting into several arguments with my professors by advocating that a business person — not a politician — should run the country. I was told my thinking was foolish, that a government couldn’t be run like a company, and that a president must “play politics” rather than dictate how things are done.

Well, my dream came true at noon today. We have a “bigly” successful businessman at the helm, and I am confident that Trump not only has the personality to challenge an embedded bureaucracy, but also the negotiation skills to bring everybody to the table and hammer out genuine solutions for longstanding problems.

Things must change!  As a nation, we cannot continue to rack up debt the way we have for generations. We cannot afford to be the “Bank of America” and give money to every nation in the world, while our own infrastructure is falling down. We cannot continue to fund hyper-growing social programs at the same time we allow our well-paying jobs to evaporate.

Anyone who has ever found himself or herself in a serious financial predicament knows that you can only keep paying for lifestyle on a credit card for so long. Eventually, the credit runs out and all that is left is payments, which consist of mostly interest. As a nation, we’re there. Look at the huge percentage of government spending directed at entitlement programs.

We have major problems that need solving right here in America. Yet, for years, we have heard promise after promise from professional politicians. Talk is cheap — and it’s even cheaper when its not accompanied by real action.

Our education system is failing our students from elementary school to college. People leaving high schools are ill-prepared to contribute as working members of society, so they go to college. And colleges are absolutely broken beyond hope in preparing 20-somethings for the working world.

Then, when they finally graduate from college, they are stifled by monstrous student loans exceeding $100,000 while working for less than $30,000 per year. Student loan payments are often larger than mortgages, meaning the graduates will never be out of debt and able to afford homes of their own, let alone recreation vehicles.

Our roads and bridges are in desperate need of repair. But, rather than borrowing money to fix them, we borrow money to pay people to sit at home or allow them to bide their time in low paying jobs with limited avenues for long-term success.

We’ve turned our military and all our nation’s great institutions into laboratories for social experimentation. We’re a nation paralyzed by political correctness where children demand safe-spaces from being challenged by anything that threatens the indoctrination they received in schools.

Businesses must navigate through a literal sea of regulations — not many voted on by elected officials, but rather imposed by unaccountable bureaucrats. Government tells companies large and small how to spend money so well that businesses have little money, or incentive, left to grow.

We have a professional class of elite politicians who resist any type of reforms to limit their power, like term limits or tying their pay to their performance. While term limits would ensure a constant flow of new people and ideas into government, our elites resist any change that could dislodge them from their comfortable positions of power.

Will someone someday explain how a person of modest means can get elected to Congress, earn $174,000 per year — middle class for Washington, D.C. — and be worth millions just a few years later.

I don’t like everything Donald Trump has said or what he believes in, but I have got to think America has been given a final chance to turn itself around and become, once again, the “shining city on the hill,” as Ronald Reagan described it 28 years ago today. Maybe, America can once again become a source of hope and inspiration to not only it’s citizens, but to people around the world.

I was speaking with a friend earlier today who poignantly noted that if Trump can’t turn America around, the country will never turn around. Trump doesn’t play by traditional rules, which means he’s likely to shake up the establishment and get things done. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that real change is coming to America and we’ll all be better off in the long run.

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About Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is a freelance writer and podcaster who has been writing about the RV industry since 2000. He is the former editor of RV Daily Report.


  1. Greg,

    I liked this article, and I appreciate the reasoned stance, as opposed to the blithering froth-mouthed idiocy that blankets the Internet so much these days. You have nicely stated many of my own positions and thoughts.

    I live in coastal California, which is so desperately Blue (90% of San Franciscans voted Democratic) that my neighbors have had rocks thrown at their house for putting up a Trump/Pence sign. All of us conservative types have had to be so “in stealth”, guardedly skirting the subject in social situations until we size up our companions.

    So it’s not only nice to find a kindred spirit, but an eloquent one as well. Keep up the good work.


  2. I agree 100% with your opinion article. It is very well stated, very accurate and quite to the point. What I do not understand is how any THINKING American cannot understand and agree with this! Thank you!

  3. I agree totally. The reaction by people this past week has been an embarrassment, disregard for others, a display of total irresponsibility and inconsiderate display of abuse to other people and businesses. The destruction is a terrible disservice to those who have worked so hard to establish their businesses. So many innocent have been hurt. Our police have been hurt and killed senselessly. Shameful. we must establish safe working conditions, living conditions and ability to move freely throughout the country without concern for your life. We hope that our new president gets the respect he deserves and has the ability to withstand the abuse of those trying to dismantle his team and presidency. I believe he will do his best to bring our country, which I am proud to be a member of, back to its high standards and hopefully those that are against our president will soften and realize he is working for their best interest too. Bless our president and our country.

  4. Great article, thank you for articulating the truth of what President Trump represents
    not the vitriol the left perpetuates. I became so fed up post election of the hysteria
    by the left on my Face Book account of friends & family that I unfollowed most, waited two months
    then found the angry comments only accelerated that I deactivated my account.
    Absolutely agree, this country’s last hope to turn around is through President Trump.
    Our country has become a BIG mismanaged business with exponential growth in a bad way.
    It’s evident a majority of politicians no longer view their role as civil servants and stewards for the
    generations of families that built and gave their lives for this great country. Rather their
    anointed and self interest will kowtow for agendas to the detriment of many, especially our youth, the hope of tomorrow. Through a dysfunctional public education system and drug infestation coming across our borders.
    President Trumps fortitude to stand up against Washington D.C.’s embedded bureaucracy is why he was
    fairly elected through our democratic process, the electoral college. Its been in place
    since 1789, while his election marks the 57th under this constitutional system. The concept of the
    electoral college was to prevent highly populated states, (Calif, Texas, Florida, NY)
    from unfairly swinging votes that didn’t represent all of America. As Alexander
    Hamilton said in the Federalist Papers, “that if the manner of it be not perfect, it is at
    least excellent.”

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