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Do daily devotionals qualify as Bible study?

By Greg Gerber

I enjoy listening to what people say they are learning about God and themselves whenever they read the Bible. After all, the book is alive and active (Hebrews 4:12). It offers life-giving encouragement, and many folks enjoy talking about the most recent revelations they discovered during their studies.

However, when I ask people if they are engaged in a Bible study, most say they are not. Some meet once a week to study a particular book with a group of people, but they don’t often study it on their own.

Yet, they are quick to point out they read a devotional every day. It might be from a book they bought or an email they receive each morning.

Devotionals are wonderful tools for helping to understand a passage or two of scripture. People who write good devotionals generally have keen insight and a unique way to apply the passage to everyday life.

However, I don’t think devotionals can be considered genuine Bible “study” because no study is really involved. It is like piggybacking onto someone else’s study, or reading a Cliffs Note summary of a classic piece of literature.  You get the gist of the message, but not the entire meaning. You know what happens chronologically, but you really don’t get a chance to know the main characters well.

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