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TireMinder halts shipments to Amazon, Walmart

TireMinder halts shipments to Amazon, Walmart

STUART, Fla. — As of Monday, Minder Research, which produces TireMinder tire pressure monitoring systems, issued a “do not ship” directive to all TireMinder distributors to halt shipments to and Wal-Mart stores for violations of the company’s minimum advertised pricing policy.

The company requested that its distributors respectfully hold all shipments until this pricing issue is corrected.

“Here at TireMinder, we strive to create an equal playing field for goliath retailers like Walmart to David-esque “mom-and-pop” retail stores. To do this, we employ a minimum advertised pricing policy (MAP),” said Michael Pescitelli, marketing and product manager.

“It has come to our attention that Amazon and Walmart have recently gone into a price matching feedback loop, which continues to dwindle the price of our TireMinder systems,” said Pescitelli. “While this is great for new/would-be TireMinder customers, some of our products are currently being sold at prices even our distributors couldn’t compete with.

“Competition is healthy, this is true,” he added. “However, selling at a significant loss to block competitor sales is not, in our opinion, morally right.

“It is our hope that both Amazon and Walmart resolve this pricing issue in time. Until then, TireMinder TPMS can be purchased online or through reputable RV dealers and retailers throughout North America,” said Pescitelli.

SOURCE: Minder Research press release

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  1. Good for them! Its nice to see a company with a quality product stand up to the giants. Totally support this.

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