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Tiffin announces shift to RV service policy

Tiffin announces shift to RV service policy

RED BAY, Ala. — Tiffin Motorhomes has advised RV owners of a change to its factory service policy that prohibits work on motorhomes older than four years, RV Daily Report has learned.

In an email to RV owners, Tiffin advised owners of changes being made for factory service effective April 3. The new policy indicates that service is available on “eligible coaches” on a first-come, first-served basis from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day the center is open.

The service staff will assess needed repairs and coaches as follows:

  • Regular service will be performed only on Tiffin motorhomes that are within four years of the original purchase date.
  • Any Tiffin motorhome may go through express bay service that require repair by two service technicians working a maximum of three hours.
  • If repairs exceed three hours, the staff will prioritize repairs for the first express bay visit, then owners can bring the unit back 60 days later to have additional work done.

The company expects most non-warrranted service to be completed in one express bay visit.

Tiffin customers who need to find the date their RV was first purchased — which is especially important for RV owners who bought a pre-owned motorhome — can call the Tiffin service center at 256.356.0261 or email

RV Daily Report asked for clarification of the policy, especially in how owners of 2013 and older RVs should get service, but Tiffin has not yet responded.  We will publish their response if the company submits one.

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About Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is a freelance writer and podcaster who has been writing about the RV industry since 2000. He is the former editor of RV Daily Report.


  1. I was a Tiffin dealer for years. I got out of the NEW RV business to slow down and take a break as I got older. Leaving the NEW had nothing to do with the Tiffin product. I still believe in the Tiffin RV’s.

    For the RV’ers that have bought multiple other brands in the past, how many of the other manufacturers even offer factory service? I bet you can count them on one hand without using your thumb. AND none of them do “service”, only major warranty work within the first year! If you buy a new RV and there is a true “factory defect”, such as structure, it most likely showed up inside of 4 years. Other issues, such as appliances, are covered by their own warranty, very few more than 3 or 4 years, not Tiffin’s fault.

    I’ve seen Tiffin be very generous over the years covering items that may not even be in warranty. Would you really expect the other guys to do the same? Not in my experience with over 10 manufacturers. Tiffin didn’t close their doors when times got tough in 2008 and on, and then leave dealers and buyers out in the lurch for warranty? Did yours?

  2. We spent some time in Red Bay getting those kinks worked out. The staff was great to work with and explained many things that the dealer skipped. They addressed our issues and we left with the repairs done. I think that over the years Tiffin owners have used the factory more than other owners of different manufacturers.

    Tiffin went above and beyond when our one month old coach sprung a leak while we were out of state working. The service center in Red Bay actually sent a mobile tech out to fix the problem. In all my years of ownership I’ve never seen a company do that. Our dealer was about 4 miles from us and were useless. They said see you in three weeks for an appointment.

    While there we saw techs who worked after hours on coaches in the campground and I think this is a good thing. The tech has experience with Tiffin and their name and reputation is on the line.

    I hope once our four year mark comes that all the kinks are pretty much taken care of. And if we need the factory experience we can use the express bay.

    As for quality control, I think Tiffin needs to get it together but the dealer should too. The dealer is the last in the quality assurance line before delivery, and for us, they failed miserably. Maybe Tiffin needs to look at which dealers carry their products.

    We have owned other manufacturer’s motorhomes and most were nightmares. One lived at the shop with numerous problems more than home. One had a faulty auto park brake and rolled away twice!! We had it repaired and it rolled again! It also had other problems. Another coach sprung the dreaded leak.

    All in all, we love our Tiffin and would buy another.

  3. I fear that this move will hurt Tiffin more than it might other manufacturers because they have been so supportive of their customers over the years. We are the third owners an older coach that has needed some major work at Red Bay. We paid for all the work – fixing some major leaks and repairing water damage among them – which we expected to do, but if that kind of repair weren’t available from the people who know the most about Tiffin products, I hate to think of what our coach would look like inside.
    As Greg noted last summer in his “Death Spiral” editorials, build quality is an issue for all manufacturers and dealers now, including Tiffin. This is in part due to the reduced quality of components supplied to them. The *remaining* characteristic of the Tiffin brand is their legendary customer service. This is about to be done away with, and then it will just be about the co$t, like all the other guys.
    I personally find the “only three hours every 60 days” aspect to be insulting and seemingly counter to what Bob Tiffin spent his life trying to build. At best, this is being poorly communicated. I’m registered with Tiffin as an owner and have yet to receive an email. Further, the letter announcing the policy change that is being handed out in Red Bay now is not written in a way that shows concern for those that made them successful.
    I wish them well, but I think is is a bad move for Tiffin.

    • We are planning on leaving in a couple weeks for Red Bay. Our shower door is warped/ sprung and will not open or close without jamming. We want to replace the carpet at the dining room table and the AC cowl has a broken cover bolt. Our issue is we have a Open Road 2013, purchased the end of April 2013. So by the rules??? we are just under the line for service. Any thoughts

  4. We attended the Houston RV show last week. We will be upgrading in the next couple of year to a diesel pusher, and Tiffin had several we liked. I’ll be watching to see how this pans out..

  5. Who takes care of the long term warranty on the coach, such as coach framework, roof seams, decontamination problems etc.

  6. WOW, glad I came across this info. I’ve been scouring for a used Tiffin based on their legendary service and knowing I would not be out on a limb. That just changed. Will this cause resale to drop as so many pay a premium for Tiffin’s good name and service?

  7. Tiffin, take my money, keep expanding. I understand that warranty work on the newer coaches takes president, and that the capacity of Redbay may be going past max.

    Do the same thing that you did for the new class C, open up a new service center for coaches past the time limit. Owners understand that this is a per charge service by Tiffin techs. We do not mind paying for best in class service.

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