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Thor Motor Coach appoints new president

(July 18, 2011) -- Jeff Kime will become president of Thor Motor Coach effective Aug. 1. Ron Fenech, recreation vehicle senior group president, and Bill Fenech, president of Thor Motor Coach, have decided to leave the company.

JACKSON CENTER, Ohio — Thor Industries, Inc., announced today that Jeff Kime will become president of Thor Motor Coach effective Aug. 1.

“Jeff formerly served as president of Four Winds for a period of 16 years when it was Thor’s largest motorhome division. Jeff has a track record of success in the industry and is a seasoned Thor company president. We are very excited to have him back,” said Peter Orthwein, Thor’s CEO.

Ron Fenech, recreation vehicle senior group president, and Bill Fenech, president of Thor Motor Coach, have decided to leave the company. Ron Fenech will be staying for a transitional period during which Thor’s RV Company presidents will continue to report to him. Bill Fenech’s resignation takes effect July 31, which is the end of Thor’s fiscal year.

“Ron and Bill have been instrumental in Thor’s success in building Keystone into the No. 1 RV manufacturer and recently in their current positions,” said Orthwein. “Bill oversaw the combination of Four Winds and Damon to form Thor Motor Coach, and Ron oversaw the reorganization of several of our towable companies as well as the integration of the Heartland acquisition. Their leadership will be missed.”

Thor is the world’s largest manufacturer of recreation vehicles and a major builder of commercial buses and ambulances.

SOURCE: Thor Industries press release

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  1. Bill Mirrielees

    Good luck Jeff. I am sure you will do a great job.

  2. Best wishes Bill as you and Ron move on to write the next chapter in your careers – hopefully you will stay connected with the RV industry in some way.

    Thanks for the great relationships you and the Thor Motor Coach team have built with the media, it has been a real pleasure working with you through. We look forward to having the same type of relationship with Jeff as he takes over the helm of your great company.

  3. After Scott Harris in Customer Harris paid me not to sue them due to my new coach being in the shop almost a year out of the two years we had it, I believed him when he told me he would personally make sure our coach was operational. We have had a few things break repeatedly and he will not help us. I have pictures, dates, emails. I called Action Line, I asked Scott Harris to send Jennifer Paczkowski the estimates he received from the dealer and he will not… Please someone help us. This is a mess! The wiring for the tv is broken so we have wires all over, the motor on the awning has broke three times, we have had to pay cash out of our pocket to get it back in so we can drive. All our shades messed up, we have towels in the windows like morons!! Some one get back to us. We are in Williams, AZ on a trip and this sucks! We trusted you guys!! Call my cell.

    • I purchased a 2015 Thor Outlaw and have had nothing but problems for two years now!!! First year and half it was in the shop for one problem after another had less than 3000 miles on it and 1100 of that was when they drove it from Indiana to Texas. My first RV in one year I had over 29,872 miles on it – does that tell you how upset I am with Thor! Drove all the way from Edna Texas to Indiana to hopefully get ALL the repairs done at once so we could finish the trip in peace and oh no – – they did not complete repairs and on the way home had TWO more things break. Using very poor quality products…3 windows replaced all ready, two steps replaced, levelers repaired 4 times and finally replaced 5th time, refrigerator problems, window shades falling, bunk bed falling, water pump replaced, shower not sealed, bolts breaking, etc etc you name it we have had it!!!!! Their quality control – is you bringing it back in for warranty work within one year!!! They take in 14 rv’s a week to repair!!!!

  4. Christina Nickerson

    I purchased a 2016 Thor Quantum PD 31 March of 2016. My biggest mistake! Paid good hardworking money on it. It has 3300 miles on it with 1200 on it when purchased. We have gone on two day trips maybe 200 miles the rest is taking it to General RV. It has been in service for various issues. Electric, water leaks, panels falling out of cabinet doors, shade breaking, tile falling off walls, molding etc.

    Our problem right now is that we are living in the unit full time as we rented out our home to snowbirds. Plus we both work still. So they need to keep our motorhome in large chunks to try to fix things. Thankfully our daughter has let us stay with her.

    On Saturday we are going back to General RV hopefully to fix all these problems again. They gave us a special time as they normally do not work on Saturdays.

    My solution is:
    First I recommend that THOR fire the entire customer service department and use an automated system that says Press 2 for a recording that says that customer service is not an option for a Thor Product. Please quietly go away..we don’t care.

    Then I would take this money saved from Customer Service and put it towards quality control.

    So far I have had no electric on the slide side of my coach. Took it to General RV to repair, they did but broke the microwave, took it back to be repaired for that and they broke the electric again.

    HAVE A LEAK under the bed – but General RV cannot find it as it is random.

    I am now working with a sign designer. We are drafting
    Over Cab – under the name Quantum “What a hunk of junk”
    On the dinette side same thing,
    On back “there goes the hunk of Junk”
    On slide side they are working on a caricature of two senior citizens with bubbles say “Sorry we bought this hunk of Junk”

    Once the signage is done we head for our first vacation on July 1st we are heading from FL to Dollywood, Hersey PA, Ma., NH & ME. On our return trip we are stopping in Washington DC, Myrtle Beach, St. Augustine, and Old Town.

    These manufactures spend a fortune on advertising. If anything my signs will be a conversation starter.

    • Great Idea, deface your rig,
      Spend even more money doing so and guess what, THOR still won’t give a s@%t

  5. Oh my gosh, so it is not just our RV. Bought a 2015 Hurricane. We are going on two years now and it has been in the shop more than out. Thor promises you the world and “not to worry” they will take care of it but NOTHING ever get fixed. At my wits end. HELP!