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Thor Motor Coach adds innovative technology

ELKHART, Ind. — Thor Motor Coach  (TMC) is calling 2018 the year of innovative technology. Many of the new motorhomes being unveiled at Thor Industries 9th Annual Dealer Open House feature Wi-Fi hot spots, solar charging, and app-enabled multiplex wiring systems. These high-tech features will be showcased to more than 500 dealers from around the world, September 24, 2018 through September 27, 2018.

The all-new Tuscany 45JA features a walk-in closet, dual fireplaces, a double sink vanity bathroom, and a large, elegant living space in TMC’s most luxurious diesel pusher. Technology keeps the Tuscany ahead of the curve with its Winegard ConnecT 4G/Wi-Fi System, 200-watt solar charging, Firefly multiplex, and Surgeguard power protection systems.

A new Windsport and Hurricane 33X are sure to stand out in the gas Class A motorhome market. The 33X is one of many 2019 lines featuring the multiplex wiring system. Simply put, a full-color touchscreen or mobile device can control the generator start, slide rooms, air conditioning and more. All Hurricane and Windsport models now include a large 10-inch dash radio screen.

Customers will also love the new Sprinter line-up, namely the Siesta, Citation and Synergy. For the first time, TMC will offer the 24-MB floor plan with an electronic-controlled murphy bed and increased living area to encourage longer getaways with the family.

Jon Krider, vice president of product development, at Thor Motor Coach says, “We’re always striving to mirror trends in the marketplace. People want the same technology they have at home, on the road, and they want tech that makes their lives easier.”

Thor Motor Coach will be going live on social media all week to simultaneously share the reveals with consumers.

SOURCE: Thor Motor Coach press release

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  1. My goodness.. the world of tech gadgets is such fun ! Not unlike the latest cars, more and more tech devices are added to our RVs. And that is all well and good, BUT I just helped a friend with a new Hurricane built by these folks-that-add-more-gadgets. The problems had NOTHING to do with all the gadgets, but keeping the unit out of the in-warranty shop. I could talk of slide, jack, roof and other issues resolved or partly so, but let me tell you three basic things I found. It is all your life is worth to simply service or remove house batteries. The jungle of cable and relays mounted all over the tiny compartment creates a nightmare. The dress panel on the dash that includes the “screen” referenced above, is coming apart and the air con control panel is flopping about. Finally, suddenly several outlets on the slides (including the fridge) quit. It seems that a junction box buried at the rear of a compartment so far back and so shallow that the stove must be removed to gain access, had a contact issue.

    No person who viewed these conditions could have a brain beyond their shoe size if they thought they could last, be good for the buyer/user, could be anything but future trouble and were acceptable from a product or quality point of view.

    Finally… Yes it is great fun to dream up new gadgets, fool around with floor plans, paint wild stripes or colors, but someone who has some idea what they are doing better get involved in producing these expensive products to a reasonable quality standard. Focus on more gadgets, running to the “next marketing roll-out”, and dancing with dealers may be in vogue, but the stuff I have seen is going to catch up with an industry seriously out of whack. No wonder there is a tech shortage ! Who would want to deal with not failed parts, but as my dad said, “fixing bad haircuts all day”? Oh.. and that assumes a fix will take care of what ever it is ? What I found was built in, inspected (I guess?), and reproduced many times. /