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Tecnoform to showcase new design technology

Tecnoform to showcase new design technology

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Tecnoform’s 50 years in the recreation vehicle sector have always been distinguished by its capacity to innovate in design, materials and construction technologies, the company announced today.

“The experience we gained in designing and creating cutting-edge furniture has enabled our company to develop various projects with new customers and to increase turnover by 35 percent in the last two years,” said Annalisa Veggetti, marketing and business development assistant.

Today, Tecnoform aims to consolidate its leadership in designing furniture for the recreation vehicle sector, from a stylistic as well as a technological point of view.

“Our intention is to continually encourage ever deeper collaboration with our customers from the very first stages of the project, creating strong connections at the joint design and joint engineering levels,” said Vegetti. “These activities enable us to achieve our objective from a stylistic point of view, protecting the design-to-cost principle.”

Complete set of furniture for the RV sector

At the Caravan Salon show in Düsseldorf, Germany, Technoform introduced a furniture concept for the Ducato four-wheel drive chassis. The company has advanced that concept to produce complete sets of furniture.

The strong growth in the camper van segment has led the company to intensify its activities in this direction. The firm has designed and produced a complete set of furniture for the Ford Transit Custom, which received its European preview at CSD 2016.

The furniture for the Ford Transit Custom stands out for its modern design, simple, clean lines, the integration of lighting in the furniture components, the use of hidden compartments for greater practicality and the insertion of curved elements, said Veggetti.

The latter are a particular feature of Tecnoform’s style and manufacturing technology.

Over the next 6 to 12 months, the plan is to develop similar modular kits for the Mercedes Vito, Volkswagen T6 and Peugeot Traveller chassis, which is produced on a shared platform with the Toyota Proace and Citroen Spacetourer models. The goal is to supplement Technoform’s range for manufacturers and converters.

A new kitchen module concept with built-in lighting in the doors

For CSD 2016, one of Tecnoform’s aims was to direct its creative effort into designing and producing kitchen modules using original solutions, partly inspired by home furniture. This cross-fertilization led to the use of thinner sides and tops, surfaces of sheets of natural stone, and the alternation of textured materials, metal and wallpaper. There were many new elements never used before for furniture in the RV sector, said Veggetti.

Among the main innovations is the leading role given to the solution for lighting the main body of the piece of furniture and the doors. Using an exclusive system designed by Tecnoform’s design team, light becomes a design element built in directly to the door and using the transmission for diffusion.

“This system avoids wiring in the individual doors, making it simpler for manufacturers to assemble and reducing the costs of any after-market replacement work,” she explained.

Other significant details of the concept and design of the new kitchen modules to highlight are:

  • The introduction of a removable metal laminate sliding shelf with leather-effect (or raw beech) finish, which makes the space for support surfaces modular and extendible.
  • The stylistic choices of the surfaces of the outer structures in natural stone sheets, with a slate effect.
  • The wide use of compact, thin laminates for the horizontal surfaces.

Doors, tables and tops

Components such as cupboard doors, tables and horizontal surfaces remain the most important elements when defining the style of furniture for recreation vehicles. Going into a vehicle, whether a caravan or motorhome, the first impression of it comes from these elements.

“We are very aware of this and this is what our customers, global RV sector manufacturers, have been telling us for years and that is why our commitment is to continually work on interpreting their needs and always to be at the cutting-edge of design, manufacturing solutions, lightness and the use of new materials,” said Veggetti.

With regard to the doors presented this year at CSD 2016, the dominant feature is the integration of the light sources inside the actual doors. Light becomes part of the furniture, and used to create an elegant atmosphere inside the vehicle and to enhance its spaces, emphasizing the stylistic lines adopted, she added.

Tecnoform’s range of illuminated doors is wide and varied, in both shape and design but especially in the technological solutions used, which are behind the concepts presented.

Tecnoform, founded in 1965 by Federico Kerkoc, is a designer and supplier of internal furniture for campervans and yachts. It combines materials, design skills, efficient production and sophisticated logistics, the release noted.

People attending the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., this week are encouraged to visit Technoform’s display in Booth 286 in the South Hall, Hall 1A, of the Kentucky Expo Center.

For more information, visit www.tecnoform.com.

SOURCE: Technoform press release

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