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Sun Trust recommends RV inspection for loans

CRESTVIEW, Fla. — HMRVI Corporation just celebrated its second year in business and owners Howard and Pam Jaros said they are delighted to see the effects their business has had on the lives of RV owners.

The Jaros’ company works work to assure their clients are not purchasing a money pit by performing pre-purchase RV inspections.

Since HMRVI Corporation’s inception, the Jaros have worked with RV Inspection Connection to grow the inspection service nationally. Their original marketing plan included clientele like RV buyers and sellers, insurance companies, and financial institutions.

Recently, a working relationship was forged with the RV lending division of Sun Trust Bank.

“Until RV Inspection Connection was established, lending institutions have never had access to a national company that could provide them with access to certified RV inspectors that could assist them in evaluating an RV’s condition before financing was established,” said Howard Jaros.

Barbara Arnwine, of Sun Trust Banks’ marine and RV finance division, was most complimentary of a recent report she received from a joint effort between HMRVI Corporation and RV Inspection Connection. She told Jaros she had never before seen such detail in an RV inspection report.

“Sun Trust Bank has now started to recommend RV Inspection Connection to their clients to secure a professional inspection report to meet Sun Trust’s loan requirements,” Jaros explained.

“In the past, RV lending institutions have relied upon the credit worthiness of an RV buyer to decide whether an RV is a good credit risk,” he added. “The banks have felt that if a client is willing to finance hundreds of thousands of dollars on an RV, then the RV must be okay.”

But in his years of RV experience, Jaros said he can safely say that the condition of an RV should never be based on the fact of its monetary value.

“Just because a dealership or private seller is asking hundreds of thousands of dollars for an RV, that does not mean it is without issues,” he explained.

That has been the case in every RV inspection that Jaros said he has performed.

“Even brand new RV’s are not without faults.  Any previous new RV buyer can confirm that fact too,” he explained. “Now just imagine two to three years later the kind of issues that can be found.”

For more information on RV inspections and HMRVI Corporation, visit usedrvinspection.com.

SOURCE: HMRVI Corporation press release

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